Elemental High (Continued)

Paige Carter has now discovered that she is the nature guardian Rosetta, and that her friends Steph, Kallen, Matt, Thomas, Drew, Charity and George are all guardians. It also seems that Alex is Paige's long lost father will she accept him after all these years? Will Paige ever trust Kallen enough to classify him as a trustworthy friend? And which of the guardians will betray them and go on the other side. Hope you enjoy! Warning this may contain spoilers! Sorry!


2. Steph gets angry

Steph's P.O.V

Is it just me or does Kallen have a crush on Paige, I could have swore I saw him looking at her with a love fixed look on his face but that can't be he can't love Paige I want him to love me he must love me whoa wait a second is that the darkness talking or is that me I don't know who I am any more. First hate, then the urge for power and now jealously the darkness must be really getting to me. "Hi Steph what ya thinking about?" It's Thomas yay, "what do you want Thomas?" "Nothing much just wanted to talk to you that's all" "well I don't want to talk to you "why not?" "Simply because, your an idiot that thinks he's so cool all because he is in charge of darkness and he can rapidly stab a massive monster with a tiny dagger" he looked at me with a shocked look on his face, "wow you really don't like me" "what was your first clue" he then in one swift movement put his arm around me "I'm going to use every chance I've got to try and get you to like me, even if that means making a fool of myself" "yeah good luck with that."

Thomas' P.O.V

Steph is so hard to read I can't tell if she is pretending to hate me to get more attention or if she actually hates me but I meant what I said I will try everything in my power to get her to like me possibly even fall in love with me, well at least that's what I'm hoping for. She's the darkness guardian, I'm the darkness guardian it only seems right I mean all the guardians normally fall in love with the other guardian of their specific element, simply because the have a better bond with them than any other. That's why Kallen spends so much time around Paige and making sure she's ok, that's the only reason I was sent out even though everyone was going to follow me anyway just to check on them or though that was very funny when I scared them, their faces, it was hilarious! "What are you grinning so stupidly at?" Huh oh it's Steph she's got a very unimpressed look on her face, "nothing just thinking about the look on your face before when I scared you" and there's the glare "well you best forget about how 'funny' it was" "oh come on Steph don't be like that it was only a joke" "do you see me laughing?" "Is that a trick question?" Ok now she's furious.

Steph's P.O.V

Oh that's it I've had it up to here with Thomas, I'm not taking anymore crap from him "Ok I've had just about enough with you and your stupid jokes, and your loving and caring nature ok just stay away from me and maybe I won't destroy your face!" "Steph be quite they'll hear you" "I don't care if they hear me or not I just want out of here!" "Steph please stop shouting" "will you just stop it Paige, stop with your always positive never nasty nature because frankly it's annoying!!" I looked over at her she was almost in tears, "Steph why do you have to be so cruel?" She pleaded, "Why?" "Look I get that your upset because you were unable to stop the bullying but...." "THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, for once it isn't about you Paige it's about me, Paige me!!" "Steph shut up your going to bring the whole cave down on us" "fine" I then turned and jumped off the rock and landed on the floor of the cave and sat down beside the fire. I don't know how they can possibly watch those girls there fighting skills are terrible they spend most of there time insulting the monster and the alien more than actually fighting it's crap.
Paige's P.O.V

What just happened, one minute Steph was fine the next thing you know she explodes I mean what is her problem I wonder if has anything to do with the look that Kallen gave me but, that can't be because well she isn't that person, she's really isn't the type of person that would be jealous of someone all because of a look. Right?

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