Elemental High (Continued)

Paige Carter has now discovered that she is the nature guardian Rosetta, and that her friends Steph, Kallen, Matt, Thomas, Drew, Charity and George are all guardians. It also seems that Alex is Paige's long lost father will she accept him after all these years? Will Paige ever trust Kallen enough to classify him as a trustworthy friend? And which of the guardians will betray them and go on the other side. Hope you enjoy! Warning this may contain spoilers! Sorry!


6. He's my father

Paige P.O.V

So we got another guardian Serenity she seems like a nice girl, I can't wait to start working with her I walked through my front door and into the living room to see a strange man sitting on our couch he had bleached blonde hair and ice blue eyes he looked up and smiled at me. "Hi Paige" "hi um who are you?" "Don't you remember me?" "No" "I'm you father" "what! No your not you can't be my father" "well sorry to disappoint you but I am" "hi Paige when did you get back" "just then um mum wants going on" "oh I see you've met Alex he's your dad" He waved at me.

"What, really?" "Yeah I am" I smiled "Oh mi god!" I cried giving him a big hug "I thought that you had left and that you were never coming back" "no I was always going to come back I just needed to finish the movie I was doing" "your dad's a cameraman he films, films" "that's awesome! What directors and actors have you worked with?" Jeffrey walked into the room "hi dad" "hi son" wow that's cute Jeffrey's adopted and yet he still calls Alex dad that's just so cute. This was so exciting after what had seemed like forever I finally got to meet my father after all this time I get to see what he looks like. He's amazing and I've only just meet him things are going great, and in the moment that one moment I completely forgot about the guardians and are fight to save the world I completely forgot about everything. Things were really brightening up for me.

While all this happiness and delight was going on in the living room Paige didn't know it but a figure was watching them through the window his large glowing yellow eyes were all that could be seen of him "it seems that you are very happy at the return of your long lost father, that won't last long......" Then they let out an evil laugh that echoed around through the street he then disappeared just as Jeffrey turned around and looked out the window, he could have sworn that he saw the flash of yellow but he shook it of.


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