Elemental High (Continued)

Paige Carter has now discovered that she is the nature guardian Rosetta, and that her friends Steph, Kallen, Matt, Thomas, Drew, Charity and George are all guardians. It also seems that Alex is Paige's long lost father will she accept him after all these years? Will Paige ever trust Kallen enough to classify him as a trustworthy friend? And which of the guardians will betray them and go on the other side. Hope you enjoy! Warning this may contain spoilers! Sorry!


9. About Time

Paige's P.O.V

"So how are we going to do this, are we just going to wait here or is someone going to swim out there?" "I don't know" "well we have to do something" "yeah" "I could swim up to her and ask her to come over" "yeah but we don't know if it's her or if it's even a her. "George has a point there" "and why does it have to be Drew anyway why can't it be someone else" "because I'm a good swimmer" "we don't necessarily need a good swimmer to go get her we just need someone that can swim." "Well don't ask Matt to go get her" "why not?" "Because your the fire guardian" "haha very funny just because I'm the fire guardian doesn't mean I can't swim." "I know but it was still funny" "let's vote" "really Paige?" "What?" "A vote really?" "Hey it works!" "We might as well give it a try" I turned to see Kallen standing beside me. "Fine" "ok people that think that Drew should go get her raise your hand" Thomas, me, Drew and Charity all raised our hands. Typical Charity sucking up to Drew it's obvious that she has a crush on him. "People that want someone else to go" everyone else except for Steph put up there hand.

"That's 4 to 4 Steph your the tie breaker who do you pick" "this is stupid" we watched as Steph walked over to the edge of the lake and walked in and swarm to the mystery girl. "Well that was easy" "ha that's not Drew so technically we win!" "That doesn't count we didn't vote on it" "it does count" that's when I stopped listening I was to busy watching Steph and the mystery girl. "Since when has Steph been able to swim?" "What do you mean?" "She hates swimming I figured it was because she couldn't swim or she hated it so much she just didn't bother learning." "You don't know as much about Steph as you think" "guess not." I looked at Kallen "what were you trying to tell me before?" "Um nothing it doesn't matter any more."
I watched as Steph and the girl swarm towards the bank and we were right she was a girl "guys this is Lindsay" Steph indicated to Lindsay "hi" "hi Lindsay I'm Paige." I reached out my hand and she shook it. Lindsay had strawberry blonde hair and aqua eyes, she looked about 16. "So what did you guys want to talk to me about?" "Hi I'm Kallen and we just wanted to ask you something" "first we need to check something" George walked over he had the gem cupped in his hands "wow it's so beautiful!" "Yeah it is" "this is George" he nodded to Lindsay "I would shake your hand but my hands are full." "It's ok, I understand" "cup your hands like mine" she did so. He placed it in her hands and it began to glow a light sky blue "cool" "yes it is cool isn't it" Lindsay looked up at George they looked into each others eyes. Both Lindsay and George's eyes turned sky blue, "that's cool."

George's P.O.V

She's so beautiful I have never seen something so beautiful in my life, her eyes changed colour that means that she's Aura. I have read about this happening it's never happen to any of the guys yet but this means that me and Lindsay are a perfect match. This will happen to all of us once we find the one, which will most likely be the girl that has the same element as us. So that means that Kallen and Paige, Charity and Drew, Thomas and Steph and Matt and Serenity are meant to be together. This is just how the whole guardian thing works here. Although it is possible to fall in love with another element or someone that isn't a guardian you will eventually figure out that the guardian that shares your element is the one. Which makes things easier for us cause now we don't have to choose and it's also good because, it's genuine love it's not fake like some arranged marriages. The love is real.

"Um guys..." "Huh what oh sorry yeah she's Aura all right" "wait I'm who?" "Your Aura the female air guardian" "wait what?" "There's a group of people in the world that have powers that match the 5 elements and you one of them" "are you guys guardians?" "yeah we are there's me and Paige were the nature guardians. Matt and Serenity there the fire guardians, Charity and Drew are water guardians, Steph and Thomas are the guardians of darkness." Kallen said "and me and you are the Air guardians" I finished. "Cool" Lindsay said staring at me "me and you have the same element" "yeah I guess we do." We starred into each others eyes, out of the corner of my eye I saw Kallen whisper something to Paige, I think he said something along the lines of "looks like it's about to get awkward."


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