Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


8. Whoops...

Kirsten's P.O.V

   They came in, and Hanna and I didn't really know what to do. Hanna and I looked at each other, and I crumpled up my empty Pepsi can, and stood up. "So what are you two assholes doing here?" They looked at me, and Henry laughed. Nick just had a tiny smirk on his face. I walked over to the fridge, and peeked inside. There was a 24 pack of Miller Lite in there. I popped open the box, and grabbed a few. I held one up, and tossed it first to Nick, then to Hanna, and lastly, to Henry. 

   They finally replied a little late with, "Same as you. We came to hang out. And to apparently have a drink." Henry popped his can first. Then, all of us followed suit. Pretty soon, we got bored, and decided it would be a good idea to play truth or dare. I announced that I wanted to go first. so this is how I started, "Hanna, truth, or dare?" And her, of course, being a little pussy, chose truth, but I had her cornered. "Hanna... Is it true that you still like Henry? And don't lie, I know you too well." She looked down, and blushed.

   "Well... Kinda." She looked at him through her eyelashes. He winked at her, and I pretended not to see. "Now, it happens to be my turn. Nick, truth or dare?" He chose truth as well. "You got any feelings for Kirsten?" She gave me one of those obvious winks, and I gave her the finger. She turned back to Nick, and prompted him with her foot.

   "Nah man, she has a boyfriend." He said, with a strange tone in his voice. 

   Hanna replied with, "I didn't ask if she had a boyfriend, I asked if you had feelings for her." 

   "Whether I have feelings for her or not, it doesn't matter, because she has a boyfriend. That's what I meant to say." Nick countered.

   "Answer the damn question, Nick." Hanna said, starting to get annoyed. 

   "It doesn't matter." Nick said.

   Hanna looked at him with a knowing look, and said, "Can I just take that as a yes?"

   "Sure." Nick finally relented.

   Hanna smiled hugely. "I knew it!" Hanna turned to Nick, and said  "It's your turn now, bitch."

   He smiled deviously, "Hanna, truth or dare?" She chose dare. He thought about it very carefully, and finally spoke, "Hanna, I dare you to kiss Henry, right on the mouth. Right. Now." Hanna looked at Nick for a split second, and the stood up to kiss Henry. She did it, but it was kind of half-ass. Nick and I looked at each other, and shared a smile. He looked down quickly. When he did that, I blushed, involuntarily. Nick Little liked me? That's weird. Whatever. Wait. I had liked Nick since I started school. In 1st grade, you know how you find someone who you say is your boyfriend, Nick and I did that, because we were family friends, and had been around each other for years. But ever since then, I guess I still kinda remember that... Anyways, what was it with the juniors this year? 

   "My turn again!" Hanna screamed. "Kirsten... Truth... Or dare..?" She said suggestively. I, being the stupid, ballsy person I am, chose dare. "Kirsten, I dare you to kiss NIck." She said.

   "No way, I have a boyfriend, and a relationship, that I like, so... No."I said, vehemently. 

   "It's just a little kiss, he'll never know." Hanna pressured.

   "No. I can't do that to him." I said, defending myself. Nick and Henry just sat there watching intently. 

   "Don't be a pussy, just do it. It's one kiss." I stood up, very quickly, and kissed Nick, and sat back down, just as quickly as I had gotten up. "There you go, atta girl!" Hanna cheered. 

   "Henry... Truth or dare?" I asked him. He chose dare, and I continued. "Henry... I dare you to make out with Hanna, right now." He crossed over to her chair, and got to it, with seemingly no qualms. Hanna's eyed got big at first, but then she got into it as well. Jesus. They were going to have babies one day, and thank me later. 

   They finished up, and Henry said, "Kirsten, truth or dare?" I, like an idiot, said dare. "I dare you to give Nick a rip job." I gaped.

   "No. Hell. Fucking. No." I said. Loudly. "Don't I have a chicken?" I pleaded.

   "We never said you had any chickens, so do it." Henry demanded. 

   "No. I have a boyfriend." To be truthful... The alcohol was starting to kick in, and I started to lose my inhibitions... 

   Hanna started egging me on too, and so did Henry. "Come on..." "It's no big deal..." I gave in. I pulled up Nick's shirt, quickly. I bent towards the chair, not looking, and licked his abs. Fast, and not thinking about it. Immediately I got protests. "Do it right!", "Is that all you got?!" Hanna and Henry screamed.

   "I'm not doing it again! I already did it once!" I said.  

   "It doesn't count if you do it half-ass!" Hanna said loudly. "Do it like you mean it!"

   "I hate you all." I muttered sulkily. I went over, and got down on my knees, pulled Nick's shirt up slowly, and looked at his six pac, and lowered myself towards his hip. I slowly and dramatically licked up towards his chest. He let out a little sigh of pleasure. I stood up, and seeing something that immediately made me want to weep. Louis, standing in the doorway of Keith's shop.

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