Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


4. Practice

Louis' P.O.V.

   I just sat there for a few minutes , as she walked into the gym. Then Harry came up beside me, all dressed for football, and said, "C'mon mate! Practice starts in ten, and we still need to warm up!" I stood there stock still for a moment, I totally forgot about practice!

   "Thanks mate! I totally forgot! I'll be right out," I sprinted to the locker room, and took my clothes off as fast as I could and threw them in a pile. I got changed and ready for football, or as we're supposed to call it here, soccer. Soccer was my favorite sport, but, even though I've been in American almost all of my life, I still can't call it soccer. Harry, Liam and I's families mover here just before we started school. Harry's mom gave the original idea, but Liam and my mom really put the plan into action. The main reason we moved here was because of the educational system here. It was much better. 

   Once I was all dressed with 5 minutes to spare, I went out there and Harry immediately kicked it towards me, it was coming high. I jumped and got it with my head. I guess I made a funny face, because Harry laughed. 


After Practice:

Kirsten's P.O.V

   Practice was over, and I had just done amazing! I had 3 kills, run four freeball plays and got 6 good settable digs, all against the varsity! I was just in such a good mood, that I did awesome! I was on fire! I strolled into the locker room, grabbed my stuff, and tapped Emily on the back. "I have a date tonight! I think!" I turned tail and ran towards the showers, before she could get the answer of who. I took a fairly quick shower, and let my hair air dry while I got dressed, did  my make-up, and grabbed my shoes. Even after this, my thick hair was still wet, so I asked around, to see if anyone had a hair dryer. Taylor spoke up and said she did. I dried my hair, let it get wavy, and moussed it up a bit. I only had the outfit I wore to school, so I put on my undershirt that was pink with a lace back. Then my real shirt, which was a plain gray sweater in the front, with a soft see-through pink back, dark skinny jeans, and purple Bear Paw boots. I grabbed my stuff and went out with one minute to spare. Louis was waiting at the end of the hall, so he wasn't creepy. He offered to take my bag, but I refused, because I still didn't believe him yet. 

   We went to his car, and he was a gentleman and opened my door. He placed my bag in the backseat. He asked if Starbucks was okay, and I was, of course, totally fine with whatever. We walked in together, ordered our coffees and sat down. "I think we need to talk," I said.



Sorry for the short chapter, but I have to get up even earlier than normal tomorrow! I'll try to update as frequently as I can... But... You know! Hope you guys like it, and any and all feedback is appreciated...:)

p.s. I hope you enjoy cliffhangers!!!

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