Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


2. Lockers

Louis's P.O.V

    At the end of class, after the teacher said that this was our new seating chart, I looked over at Kirsten, I think that was her name. What was it about her? I have no idea. She was a freshman. I was a junior, would that be weird? I wouldn't be the first, I guess. But why am I thinking about a Freshie like this? That's not the norm. Usually they're actually kind of gross. She was different. As soon as the bell rang, she bolted off, and started off at a brisk pace, then abruptly slowed down. Harry came up behind me, as he realized she was slowing down, and pushed me into her. I continued to fall, until Liam ran in front and caught her. 

    She was now sandwiched between a falling me and a firm Liam, holding his ground. She stood up once I found my balance, and blushed a deep red. "I'm so sorry, I totally didn't mean to!" She tried to continue, but I cut her off.

   "Its not your fault, trust me. It was--" Harry stepped up behind me.

   "It was my fault, I thought it might be funny to push Lou and make him fall. I didn't realize you were there," He explained, but I know that wasn't the whole truth. But that didn't matter right now. She looked back, and hurried off to the freshmen end of the hallway. We had held her up, so she had to run to P.E. Its a good thing she didn't have to dress down. I hope she made it. I went to pre-calc, which was one of my least favorite classes. We didn't have anything to bring to class yet, so we just went straight to the math room. Niall followed at the back of the group, holding the hand of his girlfriend. They have been going out for a few months. They were being lovey-dovey back there and Harry and I made the 'gag' motion. We walked through the door just as the bell rang. Technically we weren't late. 

   The girls in our class were smart. They all wanted to sit with us. But five of them sat alone, leaving no other open spaces, so we had to sit by them. I sat by some chick with blonde hair and a barbie doll figure.

   "Heyyy. I'm Ticia," She was trying to flirt. She flipped her hair and gave me a 'sexy' smirk. I looked at her and nodded. She was trying waaaayyyyyyy to hard. She winked at me, then looked back  at the teacher as she walked back into the room. Ticia kept shooting glances at me, but I tried to pay attention to Mrs. Weaver as she summed up Pre-Calc, being different than Geometry, I really did want to pay attention, but Ticia was looking at me, biting her lip and winking at me. My head snapped over towards her and glared at her. She looked severely taken aback. She flipped her weird hair back. Her hair was strange, because it looked like she had attempted to dip-dye it green, and it turned out very badly, because her hair looked washed out and slightly green at the ends. 

   "What's your problem?" I inquired quietly.

   "You're just so gorgeous!" She responded excitedly, still whispering.

   "Uh... Thanks?" My words trailed up at the end, forming a question. I got slightly uncomfortable with her comment. Its not like I wasn't used to girls calling me attractive, I was one of the most popular people in the whole High School. I barely knew this girl though.

   Abruptly, her hand flew to my knee. I almost let out a very loud scream, but I controlled myself, so the class wouldn't look over and be like, 'What the Fuck, Lou?'.

   Our brief class period got over and I went into the section of hallway where my locker was. I got pushed into a short girl with frizzy brown hair. She stepped up and started stammering apologies, but I waved them off, "It's 100% okay, these are crowded halls, it happens once a day!" I tried to tell her. She went off with the apologies again, and I continued, "Shush! Everything is fine. You better get to class, before you're late,". She sort of jogged to class. I ran to the computer lab where I was taking a French course online.My mind wandered back to Kirsten, as the instructor began to bleat on, me about to the point of pausing her. Her eyes were very strange, but beautiful. They were a very dark blue around the very rim, and then turned into gray. I thought about her long, brown wavy hair. It shimmered, even without the sunlight. I also thought about how she was a Freshman, and how this would even happen. Or if she was even interested. This was the last period until we could all go home. I knew vaguely where her locker was , so I decided I would go talk to her.

   The bell rang and I hopped up. I placed my stuff in my locker and headed over there. I got some strange looks when I passed the Sophomores. I leaned against locker number two as I spotted her. It was to her left, and she still hadn't realized that I was there. She looked over, and then glanced back at Emily.




Sorry it's short! They wont all be this bad, but I had to schoolwork that I almost forgot. I'll try to update as soon as I can! I love any feedback you guys have, always!

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