Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


7. Homecoming Week

Kirsten's P.O.V

   After I told Louis I was Princess, he told me he was Prince for his class, too. This year the faculty decided to do something different, since seniors always win. There are TWO princes, and TWO princesses. That way there was actual competition. Louis was happy for us, even though we probably wouldn't win, actually he may win King, because he was popular, but obviously, the Fresh Meat never won. That's okay, I'm not super into those popularity contests anyway.

   After the news of the Prince and Princesses spread, so did news of whose votes were going where. I heard a variety of different rumors, so I wasn't sure which senior would win. I personally hoped that Teneille McDonald won, she was the nicest senior, and she and I were actually friends. The day went on, until it was near lunchtime. I had fourth period with Louis, and that was right before lunch, so we could talk about whether we wanted to stay and eat, or go to Kramer's, the local market. In Biology we were finally doing actual lessons, and the first one was the origin of life. I hate to bash on science, especially because I like it, but I disagree with the theory of evolution, and the big bang ad all that. After class Louis and I went to Kramer's, and  got a delicious chicken caesar wrap. we drove back to eat in the hallway, on one of the many benches there. We usually sat in the junior hallway when we ate. 

   I was friends with more than you would think, now that I was with Louis. Truthfully, I was getting to be pretty good friends with one of them, his name was Jake Little. He was really sarcastic and funny. He kinda seemed like he had friends, they just weren't that popular. A few days after we started becoming friends,  figured out that it was because he was... In the shadow of his twin brother I guess. They were fraternal twins, but you could tell they were brothers. Nick was super popular, and funny and witty. except for one thing. He was a total asshole. He couldn't do anything but laugh at me. All. The. Fucking. Time. I literally talked to him for a few days when Louis and I were in the hallway, but he decided to find anything and everything he could to mock me. Asshole. Other than him, the upperclassmen were actually really nice. I even had Emily come hang out with us a few times. She was more comfortable in her bubble though. I guess you could say I was an envelope pusher...

   Soon, it was Homecoming Spirit Week. We had theme days, and the first one was pajama day. I had Batman footie pajamas. They even had a cape! They were pretty freaking cool. On monday I wore them, and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE loved them. I felt pretty cool getting compliments from seniors. Last week I had to talk to Louis about me hanging out with my other friends, because they did exist too. He said that he was kind of ignoring his friends too, so we decided to hang out with them for a little while. I said I was glad we were doing this Homecoming Week, because Emily and I loved it so much. In light of my new obligation to not forget my friends, I made plans with Hanna, another one of my really good friends. We wanted to go up to Friend, and hang out at her Uncle Kieth's shop. She said it would be a good place to talk, and catch up, because nobody should be easedropping. She called her uncle, and said they could go up there. Hanna had her permit, and she talked to her parents, and they talked to mine, and decided she could drive us up there. 

   We pulled up, and walked in. The fridge was stocked full of Pepsi. We Started talking about Louis, and she said that it would be me who dated a junior. After we got done talking about me, we talked about who she liked, when we heard someone pull up, in what sounded like a truck. We looked outside, and I was happy, for a moment, because it was Jake's truck. Then, in an instant, that went away, because I saw who he was with. He brought his damn brother. Great. They walked in, not saying a word to each other, as usual. I wondered why Nick would want to com. Henry makes sense (Henry is his middle name, which he prefers to be called) because he knows Hanna, and I. But Nick is a butthole, so I have no clue. The come in, and say a casual 'hello' to each of us. The grab a chair, and a can of Pepsi as well. 

   Dear Lord Jesus, what the hell was about to go down? I only don't know, because I remember Hanna telling me that she liked Henry. I wonder if that's still true...  

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