Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


1. Damn High School

Kirsten's P.O.V

   It's officially the first day of school. Great. But today isn't your normal first day, it's my first day of High School... I'm excited, but nervous, because I'm now a High Schooler, but I'm also at the bottom of the food chain, once again. 

   I went to my locker, locker number 6, and my best friend, Emily was in number 7. Today we went to Guide Groups first, Guide Groups were your Guide Teacher, who would be helping you through High School, and careers and junk like that. We went over rules, and, me, the ONLY freshman in that group, went over how challenging HS was, and how it was different than Junior High, and stuff like that.

   I got bored halfway through and started doodling really creepy eyes all over my pages. She finally stopped talking, and I chose my classes. I had to have all the required classes for freshman year, besides freshman seminar, but that was because I was in Geometry, in stead of Algebra 1.  I also elected to take Biology, and of course the freshman science too. I was worried, because I would probably be the only freshman ballsy enough to take a junior class. Science was my thing. I loved it! I also took Intro to Ag, because we had nothing else I was interested in. Band was also one of my things, but I quit the second half of 8th grade year, because our music teacher was a complete dick! We got a new music teacher this year, and I haven't met him/her yet.

   We went to lunch, and Freshman mostly ate at school, because we didn't have our licenses yet. I had a burrito, and there was no spicy salsa at all! it was literally like eating ketchup! We had brief snippets of class to meet our teachers. Language Arts was first, and Mrs. Turner seemed really nice, yet able to enforce rules. Then there was Physical Science, which was the science with all the freshman. The science teacher Mr.  Donahue, was super fun, but he seemed very lenient. Then was Geometry, a Sophomore class. I liked Algebra one, because there were only 7 8th graders that took it. Mrs. Weaver was our math teacher was nice though. Then it was off to Biology. I walked into the room, and immediately stopped. Where the hell did I sit?!?!?!?! All the girls were fighting over a few tables, then I saw why. One of them was the object of my fixation since 7th grade! Louis, Louis, the hottest Junior at school, and there were his friends, Harry, who was also quite attractive, Liam, who was polite, even to the freshman, Niall, who got 4th at lunch and still had abs, and Zayn. He was so quiet I had never even heard him talk before. The bell rang, and I tried to make my way to the open seat in the corner, but it was taken. I looked around the room, to see nobody sitting with the five hot guys, except by Niall. I knew I couldn't sit there, so I made my way over to another seat, but then Harry whispered something to Louis, and Louis motioned with his finger for me to come closer. I looked around myself, and then pointed to myself, making sure I was correct. He nodded, still not saying a word. I edged closer, and he pulled out the chair beside him and said, "Take a load off, beautiful,".

   I swooned, but still sat down. I got a bunch of bitchy looks from the pretty juniors. "Thank you!" I said excitedly. 

   He responded with a cool, "How's your first day, Fresh Meat?" I knew not to take offense to it, because that was our title, that's who I was, for now.

   I tried to play it cool, and responded with a, "Boring. We haven't done a single thing. At all,". He gave me an understanding look. The he sort of stiffened.

   "Don't get used to it," He leaned into my ear and said, "High school is total shit," Then he backed away and acted like he hadn't said a thing. "Well, I hope you enjoy it! Why are you taking this class anyways?"

   I stuttered a, "T-th-thank y-you..?" I trailed into a question. Then I steadied my words, "I'm taking this class because I'm really good at science... I guess. I also really enjoy it,". 

   Mr. Donahue stood up and that was officially the end of that conversation. He started talking about how he had to prepare us for state standards, and how the standards were being raised every year. He also made the comment, "You guys are lucky. The Freshmen have it the worst, because there is no preparation in junior high. Their teachers don't challenge them enough," Then he gave me a look, that said, 'I'm sorry,' I already knew this of course... When we had about five minutes left, he announced that this was our seating chart for the rest of the quarter. Most people groaned, because they hadn't been sitting by their friends.

   Louis just looked over at me strangely. Like he was just trying to figure out something. He just said, "See you later, love,". Then walked away. 

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