Fresh Meat

{1D before the fame}I go to school with five of the hottest Juniors you will ever see. I also happen to be a stupid little Freshman. I'm the Fresh Meat of the school, and NOBODY hot notices me, until something shocking happens. Maybe we are just a little more than fresh meat...


6. Being Normal

Emily's P.O.V

   I knew as soon as Louis came over to her locker, that she wouldn't remember to grab her stuff, so I took the liberty of grabbing it for her. I knew she wouldn't care. Hearing Louis call her babe was different. I was totally caught off guard when that happened. When they touched each other like that, like it was okay, I realized two things. One: they probably became boyfriend and girlfriend over their date, and two: I wanted a boyfriend.

   I handed her her things and we headed off to class, arm in arm. This was both of our least favorite class. Mrs. Turner was nice enough, but she gave a lot of homework and talked to us like we were five half the time. Once that class was over we went to breakfast, and I got a muffin and a cup of juice. We went to guide groups to choose our actual enrichment activities. I went to Mr. Mulroney's classroom, he was the Ag and Shop teacher, and he was super nice. Yesterday I didn't really pay attention to the upperclassmen in my group, but there was this really attractive one, named Zayn. I guess he was now my best friend's boyfriend's best friend... So we had a connection, even though it was very distant. Whatever. He wouldn't notice me. At least Kirsten had one class with the juniors. 


Kirsten's P.O.V

   He called me babe. In front of people. He acted like my boyfriend, in front of people. He wasn't embarrassed. I got distracted, so I didn't think to grab stuff for class, until he headed to his own. When Emily handed me my stuff, I was so thankful! 

   Emily and I have been best friends since Kindergarten when we both went here. She was so shy, and one day I was thinking, 'Fuck this shit! Imma go talk to this bitch!' of course, I was like, five, so I thought it in little kid talk. She was reluctant to become my friend, but eventually it worked out. We've been tight ever since. I knew she liked one of the juniors, or at least thought one of them was hot. 

   We went to guide groups, and I realized that Harry was in my group, so I thought that was cool. He said hello to me, very casually, but I got two jealous looks, just for a 'hi'. What would happen when people found out I was dating Louis?

Later that Day

   News had spread like a wildfire, as Louis and I knew it would. People's  heads were turning as soon as I walked by, even when I wasn't with Louis. When I got to fourth period, which was Biology, I sat by Louis and more heads turned. Then the whispers started. Jesus, didn't these people have lives? Then that one girl who barged in on Louis and I's conversation the other day, Ticia, looked me dead in the eye and her look said: Bitch, I will have him. I looked back at her and attempted the, 'Are you fucking kidding me? I already have him!'. I knew this girl and I were going to fight, but I also knew, he was already mine.

   Next Week

Kirsten's P.O.V

   So, a week of school has gone by, and already there's a daily grind. Homecoming week starts in two weeks, and the whole school is going berserk! Homecoming week is kind of a huge deal. Queen and King aren't the hugest deal, because normally the seniors win. You can only run once in high school, so the popular crowd declined until their senior year. We have class meetings in about half an hour. Just the rest of Language Arts. 

   Finally, there's the bell! Everybody jumped from their seats and went to breakfast. The whole school finished eating really quickly. We headed to class meetings, and got right to the point. She said, "We'll start with nominations,".

   Bailey, the most popular, (and most attractive) freshman got up and said, "I nominate Kirsten," She looked over at me, and so did half the class.

   "Accept..." I trailed. I probably wouldn't win. Winning at things like this were for popular people anyways. There were a whole bunch of other nominations, including the most popular people in our class. For some weird reason, they all seemed to accept.

   Mrs. Mulroney had us all write our votes down on a piece of paper. I chose Bailey for Prince, and Sydney for Princess. She counted them up, and we all were antsy from anticipation. She said, "Bailey is your Prince, and Kirsten is your Princess!" I looked around, and I was getting a mixture of happy looks and glares. I was glad to see that some people could see the popular group is a bunch of insecure people bonding together to bring everyone else down. Wait... I was Homecoming Princess! I was so excited! This means I get to ride on the float, get my picture taken, be in assemblies, the whole thing! I was super excited, and I couldn't wait to tell Louis!

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