Love hurts

Bella is finding it hard to go to school and not miss her boyfriend jake at the same time will she try and keep it up no one knows but her best friend cagey thinks she knows what is wrong


4. Why

Bella woke to the smell of toast and orange juice she woke up and looked around and discovered that Derek was asleep on a fold out hospital chair. She started to eat her toast when he started to wake up he looked around and saw that she was up he quickly tried to get out of the sheets but he failed and he tripped over them  and landed face first to the hard ground he got up while rubbing his face. Bella looked at him concerned she looked down at her skin and there was still bruises everywhere on her arms her hands she felt like being sick because some of them were black and then others were purple or blue. She jumped when a nurse came in to take her temperature and see how she was doing " who did this to me". Bella asked cautiously " we don't know sweetie. But the police are on the case so don't worry" she said in a sweet voice.




A couple of minutes later Derek came back in with some water and some weird looking blue pills " are they for me" Bella asked " no there for me with my chest" he said with a weird look on his face. Bella looked outside her hospital room she saw the busy hall with nurses and doctors and not so far away she could. Hear babies crying and kids screaming. But the thing she hated the most  was when doctors came In and said she had to stay in for a couple of nights she hated the hospital. But the sound of footsteps coming towards her distracted her from her day dream it was Scott and her mum and a couple of seconds later a police woman.

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