Love hurts

Bella is finding it hard to go to school and not miss her boyfriend jake at the same time will she try and keep it up no one knows but her best friend cagey thinks she knows what is wrong


3. Scream

" bella" Derek screamed as she went tumbling down the water fall now she had to admit no one liked jake so why did she miss him so bad if he was only going to be gone for three more weeks Bella finally woke her self up from her dream but she had to scream to do it she smelt antiseptic and old people she was in the hospital she looked around her she was cover in bruises and then her mum and Derek and someone else she had to look closer but it was Scott she tried to get up but was held down because of the giant headache she had " omg sweetie what happened to you" mum said sounding worried she Bella looked around everything was dizzy then she pasted out.






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