Love hurts

Bella is finding it hard to go to school and not miss her boyfriend jake at the same time will she try and keep it up no one knows but her best friend cagey thinks she knows what is wrong


1. Missing him

" bella get up missing him is not going to help he will be back in a month"  "ugggghhh" Bella sighed she rolled on her side and fell off her bed " Bella you okay" mum called out " yep" Bella got up and walked over to her shower. After getting washed dressed and brushed her hair she went downstairs and started eating her weetbix with orange juice " bell the bus is here to take you to school" mum yelled over her hair dryer. Bella slowly got up and put her shoes on got her bag and her scarf and headed for the door. " love you mum" Bella shouted over her mums hair dryer but her mum didn't hear her she ran out over her lawn and got on the bus.The bus ride seemed to take forever but it stopped as the bus took a turn in to meadow street and stooped at Cleveland high school.

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