Love hurts

Bella is finding it hard to go to school and not miss her boyfriend jake at the same time will she try and keep it up no one knows but her best friend cagey thinks she knows what is wrong


2. Loss

"Good morning everyone how about we sit down and talk about life" mrs apple said everyone started to giggle apart from Bella she was just sitting there quietly texting jake under her desk. " miss brown" she said Bella imadietly looked up as everyone started to look at her. " this our new student who will be replacing jake" .  Bella looked up and saw that this medium height sort of guy with brown eyes jet black hair and hot clothes sit down next to Bella. Bella's eyes followed him all the way to his spot and quickly looked away as he say down." This is Scott everybody". All of the girls eyes gpfollowed from Scott to Bella to Scott and they all looked happy I turned to face him and he had his hand on my lap. It was all to much I got out of my seat and ran out the classroom door and ran to the front of the school. I saw a black dodge come speeding around the corner and I knew who it was it was Derek my older brother I ran to the car got in and he drove me away. " what happened this time" he asked " new guy put hand to my lap" I said with no breath.

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