Be Mine Forever?

Sequal to, Be My Valentine! So for this to make sense go check the first book out!

So Grace and Niall ust got married you know? Well, Complications of going on tour and feelings rising, fights, children growing... Is it all to much for them to handle?


1. 1

Grace's POV

Me and Niall have been married for 2 months now. Im so happy for everything that happened. Today would be a week before the boys went back on the TMH tour. They spent some time home, especially so we could rest from all the fans raging about the pregnancy, I wouldn't blame them.


I woke up to a loud bang in the kitchen and ran downstairs, I found Niall carrying Sky and Krissy in both arms while trying to make breakfast. I started laughing at him and took them both from his arms. Obviously he was quite relived and started fully making it. I sat down on the couch bouncing the girls on my knee as they giggled. I set them in their bouncing, play thing and walked to the kitchen as I smelt the food.

"GRACE"! Niall yelled even though I was already there.

I grabbed his plate and sat down, expecting a death glare but, no he didn't even look back. I finished his plate then go up to see the kids, when all the sudden Niall scoops me up and runs around the house screaming like a mad man. Then slams me onto the couch tickling me til' I couldn't breath.

"Niall-I- Stt-ooo-pp" I tried speaking.

"This is what you get for eating my food" He whispered kissing my nose. Sky began crying which made Krissy cry too. Sky was the loud expessive one, more like Niall. Krissy was laid back, but then could be hyper, shes also a very grumpy baby. They were a handful the rest of the morning, I had called the boys over and had them deal with them a few hours. They had fun, yet again they don't deal with it everyday. We talked while they were asleep and it became quite interesting on Louis' part. He told us how him and Eleanor broke up and that he was looking for a special someone, like Niall and me. It got a bit awkward after that was metioned but Zayn managed to bring us back to chatty, and laughing.

Harry's POV

I was so proud of Niall and my sister, and to believe I denied them to be together! They are perfect, They get along so well. I wasn't sure if I would tell the boys' yet but I will definitely tell Grace when I get the chance. My little secret will be spread across the seas if I say anything to the boys! I heard crying from the other room so me and Niall went up to go and get the girls. Krissy was crying because Sky took her blanket, I chuckled a bit and handed the blanket to Krissy, which made Sky cry. I decided I shouldn't even try, so I picked them up and sat them on Grace's lap still crying. I nodded telling her to handle them and she just rolled her eyes rocking them to sleep and leaving the room to put them to bed. Niall gave an amazed look and watched as she quietly walked up the stairs without a noise, not even a creek on the wooden stairs.

"So Niall, How's life been"? Liam laughed at his expression.

"Erm.. Good yea" He nodded watching as she sat back down on the couch.

"So, want to watch a movie boys"? She questioned specifically looking at me because she knew some times I really don't like it when the boys don't ask me about anything of this sort.

"Sure" We all said in unison except Louis, He screamed,

"YES" which made Grace have another trip up the stairs.

When she came back down Niall warned him and the out of no where she gets up and smacks him right across the face. Ooo's are echoing the room as louis' holds his cheek in discomfort.

"Thats for the trip upstairs and I suggest you stay quiet or theres another where that came from" She hissed putting in a random movie, "It's Louis' fault now its my movie choice blame him" She pointed.

"GREAT LOUIS" Zayn whisper/yelled.

"Guys, Don't be afraid she actually picks some good movies sometimes ask Niall Right mate"? I questioned.

"Yea she doesn't like chick flicks" He muttered while kissing her nose and playing with her hair.

I watched them until the movie began and everything they did made my fists tighten, Why was I mad? I should be happy for my sister? Should I?

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