Wondering Changes

You may think im normal but im not. I fell for him but im not supposed too. I have seen many guys his type and I mean MANY! But i'm not a normal girl im a vampire.


2. Modern Time

Cihanna's POV.

Dear Diary,


Well its been a while since i have been in town well in any town. I have decided to live in London for a while, I would try to live a normal human life you know, go to school, fall in love, date, ect. Lets see how long it takes for people to notice that im different


Yours Truly,

Cihanna Gonzalez


Todays a new day of a new school, of a new everything. As i park into the school of Center of the Arts High School i see boys checking me out, and i hear girls throwing there hate at me (I could read minds and i have REALLY GOOD hearing!!). I have to use my compulsion on the office ladies to let me in the school system. First Language wonderful. "One more minute till the late and final bell rings." I heard a girl say. I take one look at her. Oh my god thats Perrie Edwards. "Perrie i know you could hear me" i sent a mind message. She uses her vampire speed and chokes me. Lets just say its not the first time. I push her to the ground.

(P= Perrie , C= Cihanna)

P: "okay okay i give up!"

C: "good" i said smiling

P: "what do you have first"

C: " Language you?"

P: "same"

We ran to class. When i walked in i saw someone so familiar

P: "thats Louis Tomlingson"

C: " wait the Dopplerganger?" She nods

C: im going to go talk to him"



I know you guys dont like reading these but thank you to everyone that do read these!!


Anyways, CLIFFHANGER!! whats going to happen next will Cihanna kill him? Or will she fall in love? Thank you (again) for reading!!



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