Wondering Changes

You may think im normal but im not. I fell for him but im not supposed too. I have seen many guys his type and I mean MANY! But i'm not a normal girl im a vampire.


1. Intro

Cihanna's POV


I lived in the woods after the incident. I cant control myself, but then I can. I'm not normal. I have a brownish with reddish highlights, hazel eyes and i'm 1,000s years old. I bet you're asking why im this old and still alive, well this should explain....



Year 130 c.e

"Get away from me!" I was screaming. But he was too fast. Stupid rocky mountain. Next thing i feel is teeth in my neck everything is going black.


Next morning I feel hungry but not food hungry something else. memories are flooding back. Then the worst one ever (last night). I see a necklaces on my neck not going to find out what that does. Then a dead body. I was starving i drank out of that body till it was empty.



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