I Miss You // l.p

When Summer finally has her heart broken for the last time, she swears to never fall in love again. What happens when she meets Liam Payne and her world turns upside down? Will she fall in love with him? Will she be heratbroken once again?

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4. Chapter 4.

It would've taken me ages to call a taxi down, so Liam offered me a ride instead. Liam was so nice, but I was still stuck on what happened with Dylan. Why?

It was almost 4am by the time that Liam had dropped me off, and Jessie had stayed up until then, worried about me coming home too late and too drunk. I opened the door just as Jessie's eyes dart to me. Her hands are clasped tightly in her lap and her legs are pressed together completely as her head hangs low.

I laugh. "Somebody was worried."

"It's not funny, Sum." Her voice is hard, anger stated clearly somewhere inside.


She sighs. "At least you're not as drunk as you were last time."

I suddenly think back to what had happened last time. I remember coming through the door, smashing everything in sight, damning Dylan and that girl to hell. It took hours for Jessie to calm me down before I started crying and asking her why Dylan would do such a thing.

I had totally lost control, and I had lost all dignity; but what's worse, I had lost all hope in love and anyone who could ever love me or care for me at all.

Even Liam.

A/N: I changed the names up a bit but it's still the same story and story line.

Daniel: Andy.

Jack: Dylan.

Chloe: Summer.

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