I Miss You // l.p

When Summer finally has her heart broken for the last time, she swears to never fall in love again. What happens when she meets Liam Payne and her world turns upside down? Will she fall in love with him? Will she be heratbroken once again?

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3. Chapter 3.

"Okay.." He pauses. "You're a virgin."

My eyes widen at his statement. I gulp down the lump in my throat and reach for another shot glass, drinking it down.

"Hmmm.." He thinks. He leans in close to me and whispers. "You're under 21 but older than 18."

I look around the room, making sure that no one is paying attention, before grabbing another shot glass and gulping it down. Liam leans back in his seat and smiles.

"My turn." I pipe up. "You pretend to be the whole bad boy type, play the act and all, but you're not." I watch as his hand reaches for the shot glass that sits on his side of the table, picking it up slowly, smelling it before drinking it.

I lean back in my seat and think. "You're not a virgin." He grabs another drink, drinking it down.

"You're a mama's boy."

He stis up completely straight. "I am not." He protests.

I raise an eyebrow at him. "Either you're a really good liar, or your mum did something that you don't want to remember."

"I'll drink to that one, but I am not a mama's boy." He drinks another shot.

A bartender comes over to our table before I get the chance to ask him what he doesn't want to remember. "Alright Liam, you better slow down before you get this poor girl drunk."

"Alright Zach, we'll slow. Wanna join?"

Zach begins to open his mouth before I interrupt. "No, it's fine. I better get going now anyway." I grab my purse and phone from inside the booth and stand up, staggering towards the entrance.

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