The Ugly Inside.

New School, New Life. Let's see what happens when she tries out for cheerleading. She meets Niall and his mates. He has one class with her and that last period. Find out and read what will happen next!


3. The Date

I sat on my bed reading a novel. I really loved it. It expresses my feelings I have for someone. I looked at my clock. 6:28 p.m, I need to get ready for my date. I ran to the bathroom. But the door was locked. I knocked and it opened. It was Darwin.  "Hey sorry. I was using the bathroom! " He proclaimed " TMI, and I need to get ready!" I told him " Where you going?" He asked. "Nowhere, now out!"   He raised his eyebrow and went to his room. I grabbed me curler and started to curl my hair. My hair was now curled and ready. I started to put my makeup on. Smokey ash eyeshadow, some bronzer, blush, and pink lipstick. I wen back to my room and grab my poka-dot skirt and my formal white lace top. I put it on and looked at myself in a mirror. Good. I got a text from Niall.

Niall:You ready?

Me: Yeah. 

Niall: Coming. 

Me: Ok


We arrived at the Olive Garden. We got out of the car and went in. We got a table and started to order. The waiter came and we told him our orders. "I want a salad with a thousand dressing and I would like for dinner a..." Niall cut me off. I know i was taking a long time. " We both have lobster with clam sauce and a coke. Than a vanilla sundae with a cherry on top. "  He nodded and went to the kitchen. 20 minutes later he came back with 2 lobsters and 2 salads with dressing. "So.. Are we....." he said "Boyfriend and girlfriend?" I finished. "Yeah" he said.   He leaned forward. He kissed me on the lips and i kissed him back. He let go.   "Best.... kiss.. ever"  We smiled at each other. We started to eat. After we finished. 

Later that night. 

We puled into my driveway. We got out and got out of the car and went to my doorstep. He kissed me as the door open to see my brother standing there. "And where have you been?" he asked  "Nowhere." I say after I depart from Niall.  " Ashley..." Niall hesitantly says . "Yes" I reply.  "Would you do me the favor and be my girl?" " he finally says "Yes !" I reply quick    He kisses me and WE LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER XD 

Sooooo that's all the story i can put. I will not be doing a Sequel . But i need to finish so..... if you wanna go and read  my story the cold blooded bye!

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