The Ugly Inside.

New School, New Life. Let's see what happens when she tries out for cheerleading. She meets Niall and his mates. He has one class with her and that last period. Find out and read what will happen next!


2. New School, New Life

The school was large and beautiful. It looked so new! "Wow" Anne and I say in unison. "Look, there's some cute boys over there, later" as Anne pointed out and walked over there by them. " Don't get in any trouble, A!" She mouth "okay" to me and I nodded. I took another deep breath in smiled. I walked over to the office and and signed my sister and I as new students. As I was writing,  I got bumped into and fell to the ground with all my stuff. "Oh my Gosh, sorry. I'm so sorry!" The mysterious voice was deep and hot. I glanced up and saw a boy with gorgeous blue hazel eyes and cute blonde hair with brown roots. " I'm sorry." He keep mumbling as he picked my stuff up for me. " Please, don't be mad at me. I'm sorry." I stood up and smiled. "It's okay. It was kinds my fault being in your way." I told him. He handed me my things and repeated" I'm sorry, I'm sor-" I cut him off. "My name is Ashley." I smiled again. "I'm Niall." He replied. "I'm new to school and I'm a Junior here." I said. "Me too, I mean being a Jr." He tumbled. " How do you like the school so far, Ashley?" He asked. "Not as good as I thought, nothing really" I replied. He smiled " Do you have a phone?" I nodded. "Number?" He handed me his phone and I typed it in. He winked at me and went out of the Office. I took, once again another deep breath. I smiled to myself. " He so cute and nerdy" I thought. I walked out and went to my first class. History. I found myself in the doorway of the fresh new classroom. I sat down at a empty seat and looked around. There were a lot of cute boys and pretty girls. I wish I was pretty. Someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned around to see a girl i didn't notice. She was just as pretty as the other girl but she was different somehow. "Hi, your new?" She asked. I nodded. New friend, maybe. "I'm Ashley, You are...?"  "Kathy." she said with enthusiasm. She mouthed "Friends?" and I nodded again. New friend, good start. Class started and I was prepared. The teacher walked in as the bell rang. "Today class, we will get to know one another" He started. We did a activity with saying our names to one another. Then we got homework to write all of our classmates names out. Homework on the first day. Great. My next few classes were great. Choir, we sang. Math, we did practice problems. Science, we just read something out of a book. Social Studies, we read something out of a book as well. Lunch, we eat chinese, rice and chicken. Then Spanish, we greeted each other in Spanish. Extra math, more practice. Last, I had Language Arts. I spotted the same blonde hair with brown roots. Niall. We chatted for a bit and then the teacher, Ms. Sax came in. she said it would be just a moment so we keep talking. I sat right next to him. "So... you busy Friday?" "No, Why" He smirked. "Well, I was wonder if you wanted to go out to the movies...." He said. "Sure, Let's go."  I could see he was happy and proud. Maybe this would be good for him or maybe this would be good for me. 

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