They'll Never Notice Me

Hey everyone i'm Adriana Cortez. I just wanted to say that my biggest dream in the world would be to meet my favourite boy band, One Direction. But on one day in a concert…...






Adriana's pov

I am at my mum's funeral, and I think everyone is staring at me because of my red cheek and black eye...


As I am walking out of my house for my mum's funeral I feel a hand tugging on my blazer that my mum had given me the week before she died. Oh great another slap in the face or kick in the stomach.

''Hey where are you going at this time of day''

My dad said with a growl in his face.

''I'm going to my mum's funeral if you must know"I quickly regret it as I get a slap and a punch in the face

"dont you dare talk to me that way Adriana"

he slams me on the ground and drags me into the kitchen as he turns the stove on I can feel the urge to scream as he lifts me up from the ground and puts my stomach on the steaming hot stove for five minutes straight and then he turns me on to my side for 5 minutes, then onto my back for 5 minutes and onto the other side for 5 minutes and does the cycle all over again he drops me on the ground slamming me hard on my ribs and starts kicking me all over and then stops. thank the lord. I have been planning this ever since my mum died i was going to escape tomorrow at 5:00AM...


Adriana's pov


So now I am walking into my car and driving away from the home I grew up in, Had 16 birthdays in, Where I had a happy family..


So now I am in a dark alley in the middle of the night somewhere in Ireland(I drove that far!!)

when I suddenly see five figures…..


ok guys so here is officially chapter 1 WOOHOOOOOOOO(notice my excitement)

what do you think about the cliffhanger...ok so i was wondering if you guys would like to have a little contest(wiggling eyebrows)mhhhhhhh????? ok if you wanna win the contest you have to give me the following information :

1. hair colour

2.eye colour

3. personality

4. which boy you would like to be with (louis or zayn) have to favourite and like my movella




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