They'll Never Notice Me

Hey everyone i'm Adriana Cortez. I just wanted to say that my biggest dream in the world would be to meet my favourite boy band, One Direction. But on one day in a concert…...


6. I Am So Sorry!!!!!!!



                                                           CHAPTER 3


       2 weeks later...


Adriana's pov


So it has been 2 weeks since i showed up at my best friends doorstep and we both decided that i should move in with her since she gets really lonely….. And we got 2 front row and backstage passes to a one direction concert… hopefully Niall will notice me but i doubt it since he is such a huge pop star and i am such a small town girl


Niall's pov


So I am In Ireland For a concert and i am really excited maybe i will find my princess here. But that girl that i saw in the alley way looked so broken, helpless and lost i just felt that i needed to help her but when i looked back she was climbing over the huge brick wall... eh, maybe i will see her at the concert you never know


Adriana's pov


so i figured out what i am going to wear for the concert



so i think it is a really pretty dress and i am in love with it hopefully he will notice me but probably not but you can always try it is a teal blue dress that is short in the front and long in the back and i just think it is beautiful and everything matches in the outfit the shoes , the eye shadow and the shoes




hey guys it is Epicnickylovesniall and i just wanted to say that i know i have not updated but i will try to when i can by my lil potatoes






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