They'll Never Notice Me

Hey everyone i'm Adriana Cortez. I just wanted to say that my biggest dream in the world would be to meet my favourite boy band, One Direction. But on one day in a concert…...







Adriana's POV


As I am seeing all of these boys staring down the alleyway I make my move and climb to the top of the fence and started running even though my legs were killing me…… until I had an idea……




I was walking to my friend beth's house (congratulations Helloimmrstomlinson!!!) . When I get to her house I ring the doorbell I saw beth look out the blinds of her house to see who it was . When she opened the door I saw her blue eyes shined brighter than usual when she saw me.

"OH MY GOODNES!!! Adriana is that you? I can't believe it!Please come inside I have so much to tell you" We both hugged each other and I walked inside. We sat down on the dining room table and we talked for hours until she asked me

"What are you doing here" she said with a curious expression as I started saying

" My mum uhh, died and shortly after my dad started abusing me so I decided to run away and decided to go to your house. Oh, I was also wondering if I could stay at your house for a while?"

"Oh my gosh…. I can't believe that your own father would do that to you. I am so mad at him you can't even imagine how mad I am at him. If he lays one finger on you or ever talks to you again I will hurt him until he dies."

" As i was saying, could I stay with you for a while???"

" Oh you wouldn't be a bother to me you can stay for as long as you want"



Ok so as you can see Beth(Helloimmrstomlinson) has won the part for louis' girlfriend  and also I will be updating every single day so do not worry but I might not update on the weekends because I tend to gat a bit busy. Ok. Bye



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