Loved You First // h.s

When Jessie moves to a new school, she befriends one of the populars, Harry Styles. What happens when he falls for her and she for him? Will he treat her differently in front of his friends?

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4. Chapter 4.

I was relieved that on my first day, I had made a friend. In fact, I had made the best friend that I had in years.

It's been a year since I had began school here in London, and Harry and I had become inseparable. We spent nearly every waking moment with each other, and even spent the night at each other's houses every so often; but tonight was different. Tonight, I wouldn't be staying the night with Harry or vise versa. Actually, Harry and I hadn't spent much time together lately at all, and it tore me apart.

I drug myself from my bed, taking a shower and changing into my uniform. It was a black skirt with a button-up white top and a navy blue jacket. I pulled on some nude colored pantyhose before stepping into my uniform and putting on a pair of my black Toms. I walked into the bathroom, observing my reflection before putting on a thin line of eyeliner, and observing my reflection once more.

This is me.

When I arrived at school, it was as if everybody had turned their backs on me and I was against the world. No one had come up to me to even tell me hey. In fact, Harry hadn't even come up to me. As I walked through the halls, I watched Harry as he watched me, a slight smile etched across my face, but that soon faded as the girl walked up to him and kissed his cheek.

I tried to ignore it as I made my way to Harry. "Hi, Harold," I beam.

"Oh, um, hi Jessie." The excitement that had once been in his voice when he talked to me had disappeared and been replaced by something else, which I had yet to figure out.

"Who's this?" I say, gesturing to the girl.

"Hi, I'm Marie, Harry's girlfriend." Her voice was fast and full of pep, which was usually not Harry's type. But then again, I guess I never really knew Harry's type at all, really.

"Oh. Hi, " I simply say, my voice getting lower with each word that slips out of my mouth.

"Well, Jess, I have to get to class. I'll see you some other time, yeah?" Harry says.

I just simply nod my head, since I am incapable of doing anything else at the moment. I watched the two as they walk away. When I can finally breathe normally again, the halls were cleared and I was standing in the middle of them, completely dumb-founded with tear-stained cheeks.

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