Loved You First // h.s

When Jessie moves to a new school, she befriends one of the populars, Harry Styles. What happens when he falls for her and she for him? Will he treat her differently in front of his friends?

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3. Chapter 3.

"Okay so this is the cafe" He says, gesturing to a room full of tables and vending machines. "And down that hall there is the gym." My eyes follow to where he is pointing to. He looks back at me and I simply nod. "Good, now that's everything. We still have five minutes." I nod again.

Normally, I am completely talkative, so why am I so quiet now? Why am I so speechless that I can't even utter a mumble?

Harry and I walk around for a few minutes, talking and getting to know each other, before the bell rings. We both look at each other and sigh.

"We'll finish this later, yeah?" He asks.

"Yeah." I smile. He returns the favor before turning around and walking away.

As I'm walking away, I feel someone grab my arm and spin me around. "I almost forgot something," Harry says. "Let me see your timetable." I flick through the papers and find my timetable, handing it over to him. "Ah, yes, we have the same lunch." He smirks.

I suddenly begin smiling uncontrollably. Food. I hadn't eaten all day and was so hungry. "When?"

"Now." He laughs.

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