Loved You First // h.s

When Jessie moves to a new school, she befriends one of the populars, Harry Styles. What happens when he falls for her and she for him? Will he treat her differently in front of his friends?

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2. Chapter 2.

I can't believe that it has taken me almost 30 minutes of wandering around this school before I finally find my class. I knock on the door, finding it simply rude to just walk in. I hear someone stop speaking and shuffling from inside. The door opens within a matter of seconds, revealing a middle-aged woman with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

"I, uh, my name is Jessie Coleman." I stutter.

"Ah, yes, I was told you would be coming." She smiles at me. "Go on inside and take a seat next to Mr. Styles."

I smile. Styles. Harry Styles. My heart immediately races at the thought. I clutch my papers closer to me and walk inside, immediately noticing Harry in a seat in the back. As I adjust to my surroundings, I finally notice that everyone is staring at me as if I murdured somebody. Except for Harry, he is smiling at me. My smile grows and I walk to the back of the class, taking the seat to his left. The teacher begins to start her lecture about how the school year willl be and Harry turns to face me.

"Nice to see you again, Jessie,"

I laugh slightly. "Nice to see you again too, Harry."

I try to distract myself from talking to Harry by paying attention to the teacher. "Alright, now that you know how this class will go, let me introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Cox. A few of you have met my son already. I'm not a teacher to be difficult, I'm very easy-going."

Psst. Psst. "Jessie." Psst.

I sigh and look over in the direction of the voice. "Yes, Harry?"

"I can show you around the school, if you want."

I laugh at his cheesy attempt to get to know me. "Sure."

We both sit in silence until Mrs. Cox says that that's all for the day and to do whatever. I pull out of my phone and check the time. We still have almost 30 minutes left in the class. Harry gets up from his seat and walks over to Mrs. Cox, saying something to her that I can't comprehend from my distance. She smiles and nods, making Harry turn to face me and smile. He starts walking back over to me.

"Mum says I can show you around now." Harry says to me.

My eyes widen and my mouth parts slightly. "Mum?"

He laughs and shakes his head. "Yeah. She's my mum."

I try to recover myself and grab my papers off of my desk, throw my backpack over my shoulder, and walk out of the room with Harry.

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