Loved You First // h.s

When Jessie moves to a new school, she befriends one of the populars, Harry Styles. What happens when he falls for her and she for him? Will he treat her differently in front of his friends?

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1. Chapter 1.

I walked through the front door to my new school. I had just moved from London to Holmes Chapel for a reason yet to be told. I don't really know my way around anywhere, nor do I know anyone.

As I walk in, I immediately notice the immense rush of people, all rushing to get to their first class. I shake my head, laughing, and walk into the office to receive my timetables.

As I'm walking out of the office and into the long, narrow, and now silent halls, I accidentally run into someone. My papers fall out of my hands and scatter onto the floor while his books fall out of his arms. I groan as my body hits the floor, making it clear that I had fallen as well. I close my eyes as my body lays on the floor, breathing in and out.

"Are you alright?" A voice snaps me out of my trance.

I look up at him. He has brown curly hair and beautiful emerald green orbs. He is breathtaking. I nod simply, trying to push myself up from the floor, but fail miserably.

"Here," He says to me. "Take my hand." He outstretches his hand towards me and I gladly take it, knowing I can't get up without his help.

"Ow." I say as I try standing up. I reach my hands behind me and feel the bruise on my thigh, wincing as I come into contact with it.

"Are you alright?" He asks me again. I simply shrug my shoulders. He bends down to pick up his books and my papers that have scattered everywhere. "By the way," He begins as he's picking up the final timetables. "My name is Harry. Harry Styles."

I look up at him and smile. "Jessie."

The bell rings and I watch as he disappears into the office before I trudge off down the hall to find my first class.

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