just a pill, just a kiss, just a heartbreak.

my names karlee-jane messina and im 18, i have blue eyes, black hair, im short, curvey, loud, im tan, italian, i hate my body figure, i do drugs, i drink, im apart of the marfia its in the family blood, im just bad news well thats what iv been told, iv spent the last 2 years in jail for street racing, my family threw me out at the age of 14 because i was making the family look bad, you see i came form a snobby family with lots of money.
i learnt how to drive at the age of 15, my cousin michael taught me, well you see when my family kicked me out my couins took me in there are 4 of us living in the one house, we live in australia, we all hide our cars, yes i know what your thinking 'how can they have cars' well even know we dont live with our parents but my dad still hands out money to me,
well im on my way back sitting in the back of this stupid cab,
michael said theres a supprise when i get home?, apparantly there is an old friend of mine coming back that i havent seen in years?


2. no.fucking.way.

`hey, where the hell are you` michael asked through the phone, i just rolled my eyes `im like almost there` i said putting the key into the door and turning slowly making sure i dont make any sound, `well hurry the fuck up, we are all waiting for you` `okay, okay, whos all of you?` i asked creeping around the corner ner the kitchen, almost at the entrance of the loungeroom. `well there is me, sarah, jordan, josh, arepa, sonia, isabelle, katie, jack and--` `JUSTIN!!` i screamed dropping the phone. everyone turned around in shock looking at me. `hey karlee` he said smiling at me like nothing ever happend, he started to get up and walking over to me. `dont you fucking dare come near me.` i said picking up my phone, and bringing my stuff up stairs. i walked over to the stair case looking upwards, how the fuck am i going to get all this up there? `hey, need any help?` i turned around to see josh. i smiled slightly `yes please` he came over and picked up three bags and started walking up stairs, i picked up the remaining two bags soon following him. as i was walking up the stairs i relised he has tattoos? i wonder how much i have missed?

Josh placed my bags down on my bed the turned to me `why do you hate justin so much?` he asked. `its kind of complicated` i said feeling sick. `tell me?` he asked `okay, well it all started when i got kicked out of home, i was taken in my michael and sara and i met justin thru the gang, then me and justin got really close and well he asked me out and i said yes, so we where daiting for about a month and i kept getting really sick in the mornings, sara made me take a pregnancy test and well it came out positive` i paused `wait so you where pregnate with justins child?` josh asked confused and shocked `thats the thing it wasnt justins child` i said and put my head down `WHAT YOU CHEATED ON JUSTIN` josh screamed getting up, `no, no, no, no, this is exactly what happend with justin, fuck` i said looking up at him, `sit, now.` i comanded, he sat down and looked at me `now let me continue` he nodded at me `well i had a fling about 2 weks before i even knew justin, and when i told him he went crazy and well we got into a fight and i tryed to get out of the door and go for a walk to clear my head, i was about 3 months pregnate, and well he moved in front of me so i couldnt get out and then i tryed to go around him and he put his arm up and he coat hangerd me and as i fell i twisted and fell on my stoumach and well yeah, i left that day and iv never seen him again, till today and i really cant stand being around him` i said in tears `so he didnt even listen to you when you tryed to tell him about the fling` josh asked `yeah and well he thinks i cheated on him, and please dont tell anyone else about me being pregante` `yeah sure lil sis` he smiled at me, `wait wheres the kid` josh asked `he died` `wait so you where pregas when you where like 15?` jash asked confused, yeah, then i went to jail` i smiled at him, `come on lets go` i smiled and walked out the door with josh right behind me.

ah fuck.

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