just a pill, just a kiss, just a heartbreak.

my names karlee-jane messina and im 18, i have blue eyes, black hair, im short, curvey, loud, im tan, italian, i hate my body figure, i do drugs, i drink, im apart of the marfia its in the family blood, im just bad news well thats what iv been told, iv spent the last 2 years in jail for street racing, my family threw me out at the age of 14 because i was making the family look bad, you see i came form a snobby family with lots of money.
i learnt how to drive at the age of 15, my cousin michael taught me, well you see when my family kicked me out my couins took me in there are 4 of us living in the one house, we live in australia, we all hide our cars, yes i know what your thinking 'how can they have cars' well even know we dont live with our parents but my dad still hands out money to me,
well im on my way back sitting in the back of this stupid cab,
michael said theres a supprise when i get home?, apparantly there is an old friend of mine coming back that i havent seen in years?


4. new & newsed.

what the fuck is going on.

i started freaking out.

i jumped up and started walking back and fourth in the room, what happend? whta did i do last night?

my emotions where going wild.

i started to cry, why am i crying? i should be angry.

`JUSTIN` i screamed jumping ontop of him.

his eyes shot open, not knowing whats going on.

i wrapped my hands around his neck as i pushed my thumbs down on his wind pipe.

rage was taking over me, i wanted to kill him.

i hated him so much. he thinks hes all good cause he can sing and he has thousands of fans that are on his hands and knees for him, just because his famous dosnt mean hes king fucking shit.

`I FUCKING HATE YOU, I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE` I screamed louder than before.

all of a sudden i had two big hands rap around my body and pull me away from justin.

`shhhh, shhhhh, come here` they cooed into my ear trying to calm me down as i cryed histerically.

i sat there while the mysterious person rocked me back and fourth.

`get our justing before i kick your ass all the was back to canada` the person growled while rocking me back and fourth.

`okay` i herd justin say, just above a whisper.

`i need some orange juice` i said as i looked up to see josh holding me.

`yeah sure, come on lets go to the kitchen` he said helping me up.

we walked down satirs in silence, i dont think i can speak.

`oh hey` i herd someone say behind me.

i turned to see ashton.

`what are you doing here` i said confused.

`i herd you where out of jail and i thought maby i could make it up to you by taking you out for lunch? you know for the lost time?` he said smiling at me.

`im not sure` i said looking behind him so see a smiling michael and jordan. they where nodding there heads frantically.

`yeah okay` i smiled.

all of a sudden he pulled me into a hugg. i was suprised at first but then looend up hugging him back.

`well ill come get you at baout 1?` he asked smiling wide.

`yeah sure` i smiled back.

he gave me a kiss on the cheak then left, making his way out the door.


`so you have found someone new?` u herd justin say from behind me.

`actually i knew him before you mate.` i said turning aroung and flicking my hair over my sholder.


`KARLEE, YOUR ON THE NEWS` michael screamed from the next room.

we all made our way to the lounge room to see a picture of me with justin on the sand at a beach, im leaning over him as he was laying on the ground we where both laughing with our mouths open. we looked so happy back in the day.

then there was another photo of me and ashton from years ago, before he was famous.

we where dressed up in christmas outfits. i was misses clause and he was mister clause.

we where laughing at eachother while we where trying to kiss, we where standing in the shallow end of the my pool drenched, it was a really cute photo.

The caption said ` so shes finally out of jail, but the question on all of our lips is, will she go, new or newsed`

i just stood there with my mouth open.


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