just a pill, just a kiss, just a heartbreak.

my names karlee-jane messina and im 18, i have blue eyes, black hair, im short, curvey, loud, im tan, italian, i hate my body figure, i do drugs, i drink, im apart of the marfia its in the family blood, im just bad news well thats what iv been told, iv spent the last 2 years in jail for street racing, my family threw me out at the age of 14 because i was making the family look bad, you see i came form a snobby family with lots of money.
i learnt how to drive at the age of 15, my cousin michael taught me, well you see when my family kicked me out my couins took me in there are 4 of us living in the one house, we live in australia, we all hide our cars, yes i know what your thinking 'how can they have cars' well even know we dont live with our parents but my dad still hands out money to me,
well im on my way back sitting in the back of this stupid cab,
michael said theres a supprise when i get home?, apparantly there is an old friend of mine coming back that i havent seen in years?


3. mixed in and pined up.

i walked into the lounge room, everyone was happy and laughing untill i was in sight.

josh put his hand on my sholder and whisperd in my ear 'i know you dont wanna be here, just go upto your room and ill make up a lie that you where sick or something.` i turned to him and smiled `yes please, thankyou`.

i turned around and started making my way back upto my room ignoring the questions.

i was laying on my bed looking up at the roof, the photos are still up there? that made me smile. hehe. i was looking up at some of the photos and started giggiling at the memories. i was so lost in thought i didnt relise some one was laying next to me. `i miss those days` they said quietly. `WHAT THE FUCK` i screamed while jumping and falling of the bed, i rolled over and layed on my back and looked up to see justin looking down on me worried.

i was trying to be serious but i couldnt, i started giggling at justins hair, it was all over the place.

he looked down at me trying not to laugh, then all of a sudden everything went quiet, then..... that was it i couldnt help it, i was laughing my ass of & so was justin, he helped me off of the floor and moved over so i could lay on the bed with him, then passed me a drink? okay.

we where both laying there in silence looking up at the photos, just you know looking, then all of a sudden justing goes, `i havent been in here for so long` i just stayed quiet, `i know this is going to ruin the moment, but im really sorry for everything, i never ment for you to get hurt or anything, but it made me angry when i found out you slept with another guy, and you where having his child, i wanted you to have my child` i stayed quiet for a second, `you never let me explain` i said turning onto my side facing him, justin soon coppying my action, `then go, explain` he said, `before i even knew you, well about two weeks before i even knew you, i had a fling with this guy, who well is now famous what a suprise, and well we got together one night and well yeah you know, fucked? and yeah then i met you two weeks later and started falling for you, and then we started dating, i found out i was pregnate, we had a fight, and yeah you know how i fell over tha day?`  i asked justin, who was listening very well to be honest `yeah i rember` he said quickly making eye contact then loosing it. `well the baby died` i said almost in tears, justin didnt say anything he just moved over closer and held me in his arms, he was so caring and affectionat.

we layed there staring up at the roof, just looking at all the photos, enjoying each others company...... , listeing to his steady heatbeat throught his shirt., then all of a sudden he leaned down and kissed me..... then... black?



`awww they are so cute, i wish if they could just date again.` i herd a someone say, it sounded like sarah? `i thought they where dating again? i mean look at them they look so inlove, look justins even smiling, WHILE HES SLEEPING` i herd someone screaming, `shut the fuck up they are trying to sleep` was all i herd soon followed by an `aowwww, why did you do that` hehe `nah, karlee wont get back with him, after what she told me lastnight, i wont let her get back with him` im pretty sure that was josh? `what did she say` somene asked, yep well this is my que to wake uppp, `errrrrr` i pretended to groan as i streched out. `run` i herd someone whisper, i herd multiple foot steps running away, what the fuck am laying on? wait what who am i sleeping on? i sat up puting my hands onto someones chest, i sleeply opend my eyes and saw someone? wait that cant not be, oh shit noo i couldnt of had sex with him, no no no no no!

i hate justin.

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