just a pill, just a kiss, just a heartbreak.

my names karlee-jane messina and im 18, i have blue eyes, black hair, im short, curvey, loud, im tan, italian, i hate my body figure, i do drugs, i drink, im apart of the marfia its in the family blood, im just bad news well thats what iv been told, iv spent the last 2 years in jail for street racing, my family threw me out at the age of 14 because i was making the family look bad, you see i came form a snobby family with lots of money.
i learnt how to drive at the age of 15, my cousin michael taught me, well you see when my family kicked me out my couins took me in there are 4 of us living in the one house, we live in australia, we all hide our cars, yes i know what your thinking 'how can they have cars' well even know we dont live with our parents but my dad still hands out money to me,
well im on my way back sitting in the back of this stupid cab,
michael said theres a supprise when i get home?, apparantly there is an old friend of mine coming back that i havent seen in years?


1. hey.

hey this in my new movella, so yeah, hope you enjoy :') x

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