J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) ♥

Ashley somers is justin bieber ex and one missunderstanding broke them apart what will happen read more to find out


6. 6

Ashely P.O.V
We were all at the water park i love that its always hot so we all decided to go to the water park it so cold in the water i wore white and black poked dotted binkni(sorry again for spelling wrong)  i was tanning my self when i felt someone pick me up and ran to the water when i looked up justin had me in his arms running i screamed for him to let me go but he kept going the next thing i know im in the water with every one i rised up in the water trying to find justin but could'nt i start paniking then someone pulled on me the i turned around justin put his lips on mine wow hes such a good kisser i love him so much then i pushed him called him a jerk went to sit down when i got there catlyn was staring at me with a smirk on her lips i went to her "what the hell you looking at bitch" i asked her then justin came "i belive i was looking at your ugly ass" she said i was about to punch her when justin graped me and put me in the car and put all doors on childlock and got every one else then went back to my house i changed in a yellow dress with ed hardy on it went down stairs everone was eating i wasnt hungry so i went in to the living room texting on my phone and what not justin came by me with a plate i was a little hungery and i vomited today but i dont feel sick i took his plate and ran upstairs with it and lock the door why am i so hungrey and better yet why does my stomach hurts i hope im not pregnant.
Justin P.O.V
did she just take my plate im just gone fix another one when i got up i heard someone throwing up upstairs  i went to the restroom then opended the door to see ashely crying her eyes out "justin i might be pregnant" she said a smile grew on my face im going to be a dad i reached to kiss her but she pushed me away got up and left me just sitting there shocked i have to call my mom she will talk to her for me maybe she will understand my mom
Better when i got up i heard ashely on the phone i easedroped in the convo
"Hey mom" she cryed
"Whats wrong" mom said
"Mom i think im having a baby" she whrisperd tears flowing
"Whos the farther i thought you were with justin again!" Mom yelled
"It's his baby but im getting an abortion" she said
"No you not getting an abortion i didnt do u like that so no kid has to die all because u want a life" mom said
"Ugh fine i dont know how im supossed to go on date while a baby is wth me" ashely said pissed
" not my fault i didnt raise a slut and yes i will help but you did that all on your own and dad will know about this but i have to go so bye" her mom said
"Whatever"was all ashely said
Then they hung up the phone
Ashely start crying her mom just called her a slut i went in the room and huged her she got done hugging me and got her justin bieber suitcase yes she a fan of me so what she has my pictures all over her room plus pictures i took with her "babe help me plase i need to leave this house hole" she said i just looked at her .
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Hi im sofie yarbrough also known as sofie bieber i read and write and i love doing it its my big dream to be beome a book artist or a singer  as an opening act for the justin bieber tour but anyway comment follow amd like if you love my jb books later peps 

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