J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) ♥

Ashley somers is justin bieber ex and one missunderstanding broke them apart what will happen read more to find out


4. 4


Justin P.O.V
WE heard a yell coming from ashely room i had to go check it out alisa was so happy she screamed for what i dont know and then ashely smiled sexy as ever damn she hot when she like that i kicked alisa out and tackled ashley down on the bed and kissed her hard then i licked her bottom lip she let me passed through them soft lips oh i love those lips i held her in my lap then there was knock on the door i ingored it still kissing her "justin*kiss*the*kiss*door" i sighed and got up i've must've went up her gown she pulled it down damn shes hot When she opend the door it was chaz ~dinner is ready~ he told us then ashely ran to her restroom i wonder why she had on that sexy gown i want to know she walked out with a mini skirt on earrings on and rainbow scoks she had on a 'i love him' logo t-shirt on wow she looks fine at dinner i text her she didnt reply ryan made flirty eyes to alisa i rolled my eyes chaz was texting her mom not her yet so i picked up ashley took her in her room ....... 
Ashely P.O.V
i put on gown/lingerie justin only thinks its a gown i bet but im wearing it cus i want to have some fun when everyonse asleep my mom not here  so we here by ourselves so yep im lossing my v-card to justin bieber cause i love him he dont even know every bodyelse does even my own brother say he should tap this ass what a good brother lol  he is justin was staring at me i was blushing then i get a text from justin TEXT CONVO
"u look so damn sexy when u blush."ahely's hubby
End convo i didnt feel like texting back since he was right there
Then he put our hand under the table interwind our fingers i smiled he smiles alisa was staring at ryan i can tell she likes him. Every one was talking but me and justin i whrisperd take me in my room and he did bridal style in my room i went to my dresser and went to the restroom to change and to pee when i came out i had one hand on the wall the other on my hipi had heels on and a hot sexy pink gown/lingerie on he turned and looked at me i went to lock the door then hand were all on me i know wat i was going to do of corse were both 18 so what i love him you know the 

[i wanted to make it longer but got tired]
Hi im sofie yarbrough also known as sofie bieber i read and write and i love doing it its my big dream to be beome a book artist or a singer  as an opening act for the justin bieber tour but anyway comment follow amd like if you love my jb books later peps 

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