J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) ♥

Ashley somers is justin bieber ex and one missunderstanding broke them apart what will happen read more to find out


3. 3

Alisa P.O.V
I swear hate bieber for cheating that bitch catlyn Ashely is the one for him but damn he didnt have to do my best friend like that i asked my mom can i spend my summer over ashelys cus she the only girl there while chaz as his friend over but i think ryan and chaz is hot but i like ryan better i love chaz like a brother but anyway she said yes and now im in the room of ashelys shaes has this boy all on her wall they took pictures every day when they dated she's in love with him i can tell then i phone buzzed i look at her she was looking at me it was a number i dont know but the text said ~hey it ryan is this alisa's number i just wanted to ask u on a date~ i screamed in happy that the ryan butler asked me out maybe one day i could go on a duble date with ashely and justin yay i text ~oh hell to the yea ~ my phone buzzed again ~lol ok tomrow at 7pm sexy~ i wanted to throw my self at him he is to cutei jumped up and down on ashleys bed "um get off my bed doing that and whats so good u jumping for" she said "ryan  just asked me out".
Justin P.O.V
I had asked my mom can i stay at chaz for the whole summer while im here she said yes when she said that i hugged her so much she couldent breath" justin ur squessing me" she said i let go "sorry mom have to go packed" i headed to my room i text ashely ima be in her room all night then i put a wink at the end she textback how u wont be here and really babe thats nasty i laughed my but off i love her when i got there ryan and chaz was playing cod i joined them the door bell rang alisa came in *hi alisa* i said "shit up bitch" she yelled i just looked at her *what was that alisa * i said playing dumb " I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CHEATER" she yelled i frowned i did a bad thing but it do not matter no more i have my girl back and i love her so much she went upstairs to ashley room i went back to play the game  
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Hi im sofie yarbrough also known as sofie bieber i read and write and i love doing it its my big dream to be beome a book artist or a singer  as an opening act for the justin bieber tour but anyway comment follow amd like if you love my jb books later peps 

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