J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) ♥

Ashley somers is justin bieber ex and one missunderstanding broke them apart what will happen read more to find out


2. 2

Ashely P.O.V
"Love me love me say that you love me kiss me kiss me oh how u do me" i woke up to my phone ringing justin bieber i was so sleeply i didnt even look at the caller id phone convo

Justin bieber=jb

Ashely= a

* hello* a

"Hey this justin" jb

I fell out the bed hearing his voice

"look ashely im missing u like crazy im going ape shit over here the reason i didnt even go to school is beacuse i cryed every night and morning please give me a second chance i really do miss you" j.b says crying
*justin u know how much i love you but let me think ok *A , i felt the tears coming to my eys

"fair enough but can we start off as friends" jb

*sure, sweetheart * a

"ok bye" jb

*bye* a

Wow He still sounds sexy i miss him alot just then the door bell rung and guess who it was justin

"Hi justin what u doing here"

*um im here to talk to your brother*

" ok um hes in the living room"

* ok thanks*

I watch him goto the living room after an hour of bordeem i heard a knock and justin was sweating he was out of breath

*can i hide here please were playing tag *

"sure get in the closet"

*ok thanks"he winked at me

"ok" with that he went in i closed the door and sat on my bed thinking bout the old times I had with him i started to cry and the next thing i know he came out the closet hugging me i cryed into his chest "i miss u" i cryed he kissed my forhead *i miss you to* he whirsperd to me ok this is awerkard we pulled away from the hug he looked at me *will you be my shawty again* he asked me "yes" i said he smiled then he kissed me aww i miss his kisses *awww you miss my kisses* ok i said that out loud he Laughed " wat u laughing at bieber" i said he said *i love it when u talk out loud its cute and funny* i blushed we kissed then chaz came in smiling ~i knew you two would get back togheter~( sorry it i spell wrong some people have problems in life) i smilled me , justin ,and chaz went down stairs the door bell rung ~i get it~ chaz said and left me and justin in the living room we were still holding hand then he put me on his lap and start kissing me he bit my lip to go in and me being me let him we pulled away he start smelling my hair " um justin why are smelling my head" i asked him he bust out laughing * i got u haha* he laughed i hit him *OW* he scream "well" was all i said then i smirked then start tickling me i pushed him and he  started singing to me he sang heartach

*We started out, it was perfect nothing but fun

and my heart was convinced to say that ur the one

And I thought it would last for the rest of our lives

Boy was I in for a big surprise

With no doubt

Walking out thinking that im so cool

Cause same place, same time everday

My locker we meet afterschool

If only I didnt make you cry* he was cut off by chaz rolling on the couch between us oh how i love my Brother then i turned ryan was behind me he scared the crap out of me i love these boys i tryed getting up but they all nodded justin slowly put me on his lap while chaz and ryan tickle me then mom walked in laughing if it was only me ,justin and ryan it would be worl war 3 but this time im saved cause my brother is here with us and all of sudden i fart they ran leaving me on the ground i bust out laughing then chaz came back with febreeze spaying me almost choking me then he ran to his room i was just sitting there my mom was still there staring at me "what" i asked her she just shook her head then said "my two lovely kids thats what" she went to put up stuff then i heard my phone ring i got text from alisa telling me she be here in 30seaconds i opend the door the skated in(got that off hanna monntana) "so whats up chicka" she said in her mexcian voice "he's up stairs"i told er she nodded a cool then went to the ketchen for water i follwed then i was pushed on the wall kissed by justin *hey sexy missed me* he said out of breath alisa spit her water out then yelled "WHY U NEVER TOLD ME U FORGAVE HIM NOW I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW CHAPTER OF YALL LOVE FEST" she said i smiled he was dumbfound of what she said he dosent know she wrote bout us *uh hey alisa" he said "BIEBER" she spat whoa i did not see that comming this summer gone be a long summer when she's like this hope she dont hit him for kissing catlyn.

Hi im sofie yarbrough also known as sofie bieber i read and write and i love doing it its my big dream to be beome a book artist or a singer  as an opening act for the justin bieber tour but anyway comment follow amd like if you love my jb books later peps 

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