J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) ♥

Ashley somers is justin bieber ex and one missunderstanding broke them apart what will happen read more to find out


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J.B. in love again (justin bieber love story) 
Justin bieber=18 march 1,1994 ex of ashely somers

Ashely somers=18 march 1,1994 justin's ex still love him(chaz sister in this story)

Chaz somer= 17 october 9,1995 one of justin bieber best buds also ashely brother

Ryan butler=17 september 14,1994 the good friens all there friend

Chapter 1

Ashely somers' P.O.V

As i was sitting on my bed i had got a text from alisa telling me to go on facebook so i did and omg justin still likes me well i broke up with him cause i seen a txt in his phone from his ex girlfriend catlyn beadls i swer i hate her from kissing him. we were dating For four months and one text from her gets me mad oh wow im so not nice i have to get him back. I got in the shower and left went to the mall brought more cloths and went to alisa house i miss justin alot she understands me better than anyone i text her saying im coming over  she said okay when i got there she opened the door "omg what happend why are u so sad ashly" she said i snffled "o miss him alisa" she huged me "poor baby if i was you i would slaped that bitch for that shit" she said i laughed "thats my chicka lets go do our nails" alsia said  i smiled a ok look vwe talked about this guy i use to date before justin he cheated just like justin did but i never gave him a second chance but justin ill walk off a cliff for him he"s my everything i need.

Justin bieber'P.O.V

On my way home from hocky pratice i logged on to facebook thinking of ashely oh i miss her so much i cryed all night and cursed catlyn out ashely  was the world to me i stop being a player all because of her i love her and im going to get her back she might not want me back so no matter what she says im getting her back no matter what happend i went to my room thinking bout her i have pitcures frome when we  broke up she cryed pushed me and ran off went i miss her smile her skin tone her kisses everything want to make me shoot a guy over her its was like that i even fought her ex bf jake he had it coming he hit her in front of me i got mad i think i almost killed him  but i love 
Hi im sofie yarbrough also known as sofie bieber i read and write and i love doing it its my big dream to be beome a book artist or a singer  as an opening act for the justin bieber tour but anyway comment follow amd like if you love my jb books later peps 

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