vampires war

hi I'm Loraine Senka Desdmonda.i am a vampire along with the rest of my family. this is my first year in high school and for the first time in like forever we have new students.( yellow rating is due to some language that might seem inappropriate for younger readers)


2. High School

Hey so as you already know my name is Laraine or Lara. My family and I are all vampires, and now that we have gotten past all the stereotypes lets get started!

My story starts on the first day of school-the first day of high school I should say. Though  its not much different from middle school all we did is cross the street- literally we walk across the street and its the middle school! That and everyone knows each other. We live in a really small town so its kinda hard not to.

As I walk into class I notice something different; We have three new students who all seem to know each other as they are talking in a corner kind of secretly. Huh. This is definitely a first.

"Ok, ok everyone sit down and be quiet I have an announcement to make." our teacher Mrs. Zenry yells

Automatically everyone took the seats they sat in during middle school. For me that's the back corner behind my best friend Matt. He is the only one I've trusted with my secret. 

"Class we have three new students joining us this year. So be nice this is the first time in longer than a decade this school has gotten new students"- probably because we live in the middle if fricken nowhere-I hear some one whisper. she tells us as she turn to the girl of the group "I'll leave it to you to introduce yourselves" the girl nods then looks at us.

"hi, my name is Ebony Sanguinarius" Wow her name means Dark beautiful Blood thirsty.(my parents made me study Latin) she continued "and these are the twins Marcell and Percival Malusper. We come from a town in Alberta and our relatives lived here a long time ago. I hope we all will get to know each other well." Well she is peppy. and I don't think its coincidence that their names work out perfectly in Latin like mine- it means Sorrowful Shadow  Of the Devil-hers means Dark beautiful Blood Thirsty AND the twins names put together mean Warlike Destroyer Bad boy!   

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