vampires war

hi I'm Loraine Senka Desdmonda.i am a vampire along with the rest of my family. this is my first year in high school and for the first time in like forever we have new students.( yellow rating is due to some language that might seem inappropriate for younger readers)


1. Gettting started

Um, so... Hey there my name is Laraine Senka Desmond or Lara for short. I am here to well...tell you my side of the story; The vampires side.

Yes, I am a vampire, so is my entire family-Mom, dad, 3 brothers, and sister. We go back pretty far in this family tree. Anyway I live in this little town in the middle of nowhere called Benaly-Ya I know weird name but that's not the point.

Us vampires live mostly in peace and unnoticed by the humans. And although their blood tastes wonderful we only drink it if we are on the verge of death. Yes we can die, we age( though a lot slower we do age).Holy water and vinegar don't burn us its just irritating, and garlic is gross that's all. Almost everything you hear about vampires is a lie except for maybe our strength we are pretty strong and we don't have super speed or anything we are only a little bit faster than you people.(humans) And our looks well some of us have em and some of us don't.

OK. Now that we are past all of that to the story!

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