Puddle Boy

Reese is an ordinary boy with a big imagination, he can often be found inventing new worlds to explore, in each adventure he invents for himself the danger is never real.
But one day Reese finds himself alone in a world he didn't create with no idea how he got there and no way home...


1. Into the Puddle

  Reese raced around the family living room, a child-shaped hurricane of pent-up energy; with reckless abandon he vaulted over the back of the settee imagining he was instead scaling castle walls.

“Reese, would you sit down before you break something, please.” Snapped Nancy, his sister, appearing in the doorway with her hair pulled into a very tight bun and a mountain of schoolbooks in her arms.

“You sound like Mum, but you aren’t her and you can’t tell me what to do.” Reese retorted sticking out his tongue like a snake reading the air. Reese knew he was being childish but he didn’t care, he wanted to be a lost boy and never grow old because being an adult was boring, you had to work all the time with a sad look on your face. Or maybe that was just his mum.

“At least calm down...you know how upset mum would be if you broke something.” Nancy sighed exasperated; she had been telling him the exact same thing for the past year at least, but so far Reese had took little notice.

“Fine!” Reese said turning to gaze out the window. “I’ll go play outside then.” He smiled broadly; the rain that had been beating a steady melody against the house was finally done playing its sombre tune.

“Make sure you stay in the garden then!” Nancy called before Reese shut the door firmly behind him. He stood quietly taking in the pleasant scents the rain shower had left, each one as precious to him as a present on Christmas morning. He watched the slow dripping of the leaves as they glistened in the newborn sunshine transfixed by wonder, the simple changes nature created fascinated him.

  Reese ran through his imaginary forest swinging his arms wildly to clear a path, he could hear the slap, slap, slap of his enemy’s boots as they came ever closer. His enemies had numbers on their side but Reese held the advantage, this forest was his home.

  In the world Reese had fashioned for himself he was an outlaw of the Robin Hood variety. He did battle with foolish fat tyrants and their henchmen, sometimes he had help from his trusty side-kick but usually he was alone. Reese the Outlaw didn’t mind, he worked better that way.

  Today he was running from his old adversary Nasty Nathan, a spoilt lord who cared more for his own comfort than that of his people. Reese the Outlaw had broke into his personal store of food and valiantly defeated a score of guards single-handedly, then vaulted over the low walls of the surrounding town to escape, victorious, back to his leafy fortress.

  Reese the outlaw had expected his enemy to fall back as they had so many times before, so he was surprised to find they were still hot on his heels. He weaved through the thickening trees searching for the lake his father had taught him to fish in, with daylight growing thin he knew he would lose them if he could only find it.

  He ricocheted round an old pine tree, swinging out wide into the middle of a well worn path; he thundered down it, breathing hard. The glimmer of the sun drenched lake came into view and his spirits rose; he was going to make it. With a smile he leapt clean into the waiting arms of the cool water.

Reese thought he could hear someone calling his name but he couldn’t be sure; all he knew was a fuzzy white light as his world slipped away from him.

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