Puddle Boy

Reese is an ordinary boy with a big imagination, he can often be found inventing new worlds to explore, in each adventure he invents for himself the danger is never real.
But one day Reese finds himself alone in a world he didn't create with no idea how he got there and no way home...


4. Home again

“I still can’t believe you managed to stumble upon the real thief, but to convince them to let me go too, words can’t begin to express how grateful I am.” Said Moose smiling in the last rays of the setting sun, Reese and Sparrow had convinced the man they found in the alley to explain he was the real thief not Moose. The Jailer had listened to the tale with a blank expression on his face, eventually he decided that since no real harm had been done they could all leave. Reese thought it was more likely he was afraid of Moose.

“It was nothing. You would have done the same for us.” Sparrow said she too was in high spirits. “I was thinking we could sleep under the stars tonight, on account of our home going up in flames.”

Reese was stood a little distance away, a lopsided smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Another puddle, he though looking down into a perfectly circular pool of water, I wonder what would happen if...for the second time that day Reese jumped into the water and the familiar whiteness enveloped him once more.


“Reese! Reese, can you hear me!” Someone was yelling at him, someone with a very familiar voice. Reese coughed out water he couldn’t remember swallowing and sat up. His sister Nancy stood over him; fat tears ran down her face in identical streams. “I thought I’d lost you...” she sobbed, “What were you thinking jumping into that puddle, you almost drowned.”

“I...I’m sorry.” Said Reese relived to be back home and saddened to have left his new friends behind.

“Well, you’re ok now.” Nancy answered wiping her eyes, “Come on, we better get you warmed up.” She said lifting him to his feet.

  Reese took one last look at the perfect puddle before following her inside. He was sure he saw Sparrow and Moose looking back at him from the dark streets of Castleport but then he blinked and they were gone.

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