Take, Bite, Turn

Arella Duncan is a typical teenage girl. If you consider being a vampire princess typical. She's in her Junior year of high school and is getting older, getting more cravings and having trouble controlling her hunger. Can she over come the need for the metallic taste of human blood she craves? Find out in Take, Bite, Turn.


1. Chapter 1

    "I don't know Mr.Grammar. Why don't you ask Kalia? Clearly she knows!" I said, frustrates by my science teacher. "Miss Akins. Hand down. Now, Arella, answer the question. What is the largest organ in the body?" Mr. Grammar asked again. "It's the skin. I've told you it's the skin but you keep saying no! Stop asking me questions that I know the answer to if you're going to say I'm wrong!" I shouted. "Arella Duncan! See me after class!" Mr.Grammar shouted over my rant. I slumped in my chair. "Whatever;" I mumbled. Two minutes passed and the bell rang. My fellow juniors rushed out of the classroom and to their cars or buses. I tried to sneak out before Mr.Grammar could see but I failed greatly. "What do you want, Mr.Grammar?" I asked in a bored tone. "I've noticed that you have been quite the disrespectful young lady. It's almost as if you haven't been;" he paused for dramatic affect. "Bitten."
, I have no idea what you're talking about!" I exclaimed. What did he mean by... bitten? He smiled wickedly. "So, it's true. You have not been bitten. I figured Kalia would do it, being your best friend and all. But, no. The job to bite the new Vampire Princess has been left to me." He cackled, showing his inhumanly sharp teeth. Wait a minute. Bitten? Inhumanly sharp teeth? Vampire Princess? I've heard the stories of how the teachers were vampires and that they would turn students into their kind, I never thought that they were true! "Mr.Grammar! You're a vampire?" I asked, confusedly. He nodded. "Pretty princess isn't that dumb now is she?" He said. "What do you mean that I'm the Vampire Princess?" I asked. "Arella, you have been chosen by King Luthian and Queen Zacha to be their next princess. Your handler is Miss Ramirez. You know, Brielle, not Actria." He explained. I was terrified. If Mr. Grammar is going to turn me, he has to put his lips on my neck and sink his teeth into me. He came closer. So close, I could feel his breath. His teeth began to pierce my pale skin. blood drizzled down my neck and shoulder, some getting min my long curly blonde hair. I refused to let the pain cause tears to fill my light blue eyes. "Let's see. You aren't crying, so you are strong. Quite strong actually, I passed out when I was bitten." He told me. I felt the wind start to pick up. I grabbed me into a swirl and suddenly I was in a beautiful black dress with the shadows of trees on it. I loved it. I noticed a grand black tiara on my head. Woah was all I could say.





     That was last year.




       This year I am the best princess of Valydokx.

      I requested Brielle to my chambers. "Yes, my lady?" she asked. "When is the ball?" I questioned. "Arella, the ball starts in 3 hours." Brielle's cousin, Aeisme said from the door. She was my dresser, and beautician. "Aeisme! Are you here to prepare me?" I asked. She nodded her answer to my question and began to open her fashion trunk. She pulled out three beautiful gowns. I chose the long, solid black gown in the middle. She braided my hair in to and elaborate up-do and painted a dramatic smokey eye onto my face with her makeup. "There. You look gorgeous. Now, go dance with that Prince Luca." Aeisme squealed. She and brielle were all ready prepared for the ball. Aeisme in a short, bodycon style, black dress, her brunette hair in a bun on top of her head. Brielle was wearing a short, deep purple dress that flared out like a tutu. I slid on my blood red heels and walked out of the door, Brielle and Aeisme in tow.

    We exited the Royal Dark Palace and exited the vampire colony of Valydokx. Now that we were in the human city of Los Angeles we focused our mortal glamour onto us. We looked like everyday teenage girls. We hailed a cab to the Party Hall of Fame. We exited the cab and tossed him $100 in mortal cash. We entered the ball room and shed our glamours. The entire ball stopped and they made an isle for me to walk down that led straight to Luca. Luca turned around to face me and his jaw dropped, exposing his vampire teeth. "Arella, you look beautiful. No star in the California sky could outshine your beauty." He said in his thick British accent.  "Thank you Luca. You look quite handsome. Especially in those Doc Marten combats." I complemented back, giggling. "This night is perfect" I said as we slow dance to 'Two is Better Than One.'

      It was an hour later and the ball was still going. Luca and I snuck out to a near by moonlit lake and meadow. I looked around at my surroundings and smiled. "Luca, this is ama-" I began but was cut off by my own gasp. When I turned to look at him, he was down on one knee, holding out a beautiful, fourteen carrot white gold ring with a Onyx gem. "Arella Aqulina Duncan, I have loved you since I set my eyes on you on that cold December night. Will you marry me?" He asked. I nodded furiously and jumped into his arms. He spun me around. "Yes. Yes. A million times yes." I whispered.




My words were engraved on my wedding band and I loved it. Luca and I have been married for six years now and are the Queen and King of Valydokx. We love eachother. To the moon and back.

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