Percy Jackson meets Twilight

This is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Twilight. (Beware Twihards, this is not for you!) Percy Jackson and Annabeth have saved Olympus and are now on a quest in Forks Washington to investigate some strange occurrences and take a demigod son of Apollo back to camp. To there surprise they meet the Cullens with their newest members Bella and Renesmee. But what will happen when the Volturi intervene?
This is set after The Last Olympian and Breaking Dawn.


4. Chapter 4

Percy's P.O.V.

"What in gods name are the Volturi?" i yelled as all the vampire looked frozen in fear.

"They are the supreme vampires in our world, like royalty. They enforce our laws, the main one 'don't let anyone know about us' They are coming, in 24 hours they will be here." Bella whispered

"Why?" I asked

"You, they think you are a threat to us. They want to destroy you, or use you" Alice replied

"Well, we can defeat them, we have the skill." i replied

"They are unlike anything you have seen Percy, they are ruthless killers." Edward said "I don't know if we can gather enough forces in time" 

"We can! Percy! The Hunters are in this part of the country! We need to call on them." Nico smiled 

"And how do you know that?" Annabeth asked

"Well, I, um... saw a glimpse of their camp when I traveled here!" Nico replied "Sure, and you aren't excited Thalia will be with them!" Annabeth smiled.

"Hey! No! I don't like her?" Nico yelled. "I don't say anything about that." Annabeth smirked. Nico turned bright red and I was laughing my head off. "Nico and Thalia sitting in a tree!" I was still crying laughing when Nico punched me in the arm "Stop, ok we have bigger problems."

"Right, ok Nico you know where the Hunters are. Go and explain, I am sure they will help." i said and Nico disappeared into the shadows.

I turned to Alex "You are leaving on a flight in a couple hours. No if ands or buts!" 

"But I can't leave you here!" He said. "Look, you aren't fully trained, you would put yourself and us in danger. We already made the arrangements." Alex left after saying goodbye to his mother, who in fact protected him all these years and knew the truth.

"Annabeth, work with Alice and Jasper on a battle strategy. And pray to your mother like crazy!" 

"Ok, what are you going to do?" Annabeth asked.

"Train, these Volturi probably fight like nothing we have seen before." i kissed Annabeth on the forhead and went over to the rest of the Cullens and werewolves. "Ok, Annabeth, Alice, and Jasper are working on a battle strategy. I think we need to train, I don't know what these vampires fight like but I don't want to find out the hard way." Edward stepped forward "We can help each other, we need to set up in the clearing before noon tomorrow so i suggest we head up there and begin working the terrain to our advantage."

We were at the clearing in 20 minutes Annabeth was surveying the area with Alice and Jasper. 

"So, no water here?" I asked looking around "Actually there is a waterfall and small river here about 100 feet away."

"Perfect, I should tell Annabeth, thats a major advantage for us, with my powers and all." I walked over to Annabeth "Hows it going?" I asked "Good, i think I know what we have to do if worse comes to worse." She said "Will your curse hold up against them?" She asked "I think so, I mean it held against a Titan, so a couple vampires should be no problem."  

Nico and the Hunters appeared a couple minutes later "Hey guys! So, these are the 'friendly' vampires Nico told us about. Lady Artemis was impressed." Thalia said punching my arm "Good to see you too Pine cone face." Edward, Bella, Rensemee and Jacob all were walking forward. I tunred around to see the teenage version of Artemis standing before me "Hello, Perseus."

"Lady Artemis." Bowing my head. "Thank you for helping us." 

"Yes Perseus, Nico made a very convincing case. I was also intrigued buy these new creatures."

"Well this is Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jacob." I said "Guys, this is Lady Artemis, goddess of the moon, hunt and protector of the young." 

"Pleasure to meet you my lady." Edward said slightly bowing. "Thank you for helping us in our time of need." 

"Why do you look like a 12 year old?" Renesmee asked. "I can take whatever form I chose, it is usually the age of my hunters." Artemis replied "May I speak with you alone for a second?"

"um, sure" Renesmee and Artemis walked away 

"Whats that all about?" Bella asked "Artemis is probably asking her to join the hunt. If she believes the girl to be worthy she will ask. if Renesmee excepts she will serve Artemis as one of her hunters and swear off all men. She will be immortal as long as she does not fall in battle or break her vow."

Bella and Jacob looked scared "Don't worry, she probably won't except" as I said that Artemis was walking back to the Hunter's camp with a sour look on her face.

"You turned her down?" I asked

"How did you know?" Renesmee asked "Artemis always asks, and I knew you wouldn't leave your family."

"We have a big day tomorrow, you should get some rest." Edward said and we walked over to our tents to catch some last minute sleep before the Volturi arrived. 

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