Percy Jackson meets Twilight

This is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Twilight. (Beware Twihards, this is not for you!) Percy Jackson and Annabeth have saved Olympus and are now on a quest in Forks Washington to investigate some strange occurrences and take a demigod son of Apollo back to camp. To there surprise they meet the Cullens with their newest members Bella and Renesmee. But what will happen when the Volturi intervene?
This is set after The Last Olympian and Breaking Dawn.


3. Chapter 3

Percy's P.O.V.

Annabeth, Bella, Edward, Renesmee, and I were all packed in Edward's car. "Ok, thanks Alice. He is at 16480 Oak Avenue, thats about 3 miles down this road." Edward said. "So this half-blood, is he as powerful as you? he asked "No, I am a son of the Big Three, therefore one of the more powerful demigods. He would have some sun related powers, some musical inclinations, healing powers, and a knack for archery." I said. "We need to get to him before any monster picks up his scent." 

We arrived at the demigod's house about 10 minutes later. "Let us explain everything to him. Renesmee, since you know him, we could use your help. Edward and Bella, stay close, look out for any monsters and be ready to leave." Right as we were about to knock on the door Nico appeared out of the shadows "Hey Percy! Annabeth! Chiron said you needed me? Is this the house?" Nico asked. Edward and Bella tensed up "Wait! This is Nico. Nico, Edward, Bella, and Renesmee. Guys, this is Nico." Gesturing to each one of the vampires respectively. Nico then formal introduced himself "I am Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, lord of the underworld and the dead. I can see that you have made some nice immortal monster friends Percy." I looked up in surprise "How did you know, these were nice vampires?" 

"Well, I can see that they have already died, and I could tell that they have killed something to survive, and with you guys still alive I assumed they are friendly, feeding on animals perhaps?" Nico grinned "I am right, aren't I? But we need to get this demigod to camp, its not safe here." 

"Right then, lets go." I said ringing the doorbell. A boy about 14 answered the door, Renesmee was right, he had hair that looked like the sun, this was definitively an Apollo kid "Hello, I am Percy and this is Annabeth. I assume you already know Renesmee?"  I asked

"Ya, Nessie what are you doing here?" he asked. "First of all can we come in, we need to talk." I said. "Sure, my mom is out but she loves company. Oh! and I am Alexander Summer, by the way."

We walked in and sat down on the couch "So, Alex. Do you know your dad?" I asked getting straight to the point "No, he died when I was young, in a car accident. Why?" Alex said downtrodden

"I will get to that, but first, how much do you know about Greek myths?" I asked.

"Oh! My mom loves them! So did my dad apparently." He said. "Why?"

"Well, Alex, the aren't myths. They are real, all the gods, goddesses, monsters, everything is real. You are a son of Apollo! Your dad didn't die, he is a Greek God, and you are a demigod." I said.

"What! You people are crazy!" Alex said, jumping off the chair in front of us. 

"Alex, a couple of weeks ago did a sun appear above your head?" Annabeth asked.'

"In a weird dream, but how did you know that!?"

"You are a demigod, I am the son of Poseidon. Annabeth is a daughter of Athena, Nico is  a son of Hades. Monsters will come after you, we can take you to the only safe place for us, Camp Half Blood. Please, Alex, we are telling the truth." I said.

Alex sighed "I.. I don't know. Renesmee, how are you involved in all of this?"

"i am not a demigod. I am half human, half vampire. You see, Edward fell in love with Bella, at the time he was a vampire and she was human. I was born while she was still alive. To svae her she had to be turned. The Cullens are vampires Alex, but we don't hunt humans, only animals. Please believe us."

"I believe you. What now?" he asked.

"Well, we need to get you to camp as soon as possible. We need to tell your mom all of this too, if she doesn't already know. Lets head back to the Cullen's we can protect him there and think up a plan." I said.

"Good thinking Percy, lets go!" Annabeth said as we rushed out the door. 


Annabeth's P.O.V.

We were at the Cullen's house in 15 minutes, Percy was giving Alex a quick sword lesson, luckily Nico had brought some extra weapons from camp. I had called Chiron and he was making arrangements for us to get home. I looked like a quest had gone right for once. That was until the giant wolves showed up. I was reaching for my dagger when I saw them transforming. There were 2 guys and 1 girl, all in sweats with no shoes. Rensemee ran over and hugged one of the guys, as a wolf he was rust colored. Me and Percy walked over and we were introduced to the 'werewolves' Jacob, Seth and Leah. They explained they protected people from evil vampires and Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee when she was born. Me and Percy were walking back into the house when Alice was bringing out some food and water for the werewolves. She dropped the tray and gasped. Edward almost screamed. "Whats happening? Edward!" Bella yelled.

"Alice!" Jasper yelled shaking Alice "What did you see?"

She whispered "The Volturi... someone saw us... with them. They are coming, we have 24 hours."



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