Percy Jackson meets Twilight

This is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Twilight. (Beware Twihards, this is not for you!) Percy Jackson and Annabeth have saved Olympus and are now on a quest in Forks Washington to investigate some strange occurrences and take a demigod son of Apollo back to camp. To there surprise they meet the Cullens with their newest members Bella and Renesmee. But what will happen when the Volturi intervene?
This is set after The Last Olympian and Breaking Dawn.


2. Chapter 2

Bella's P.O.V.

We ran out and meet Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie in a clearing. 

"Hey! How was your hunt?" I asked 

"Good, Emmett caught a few bears. Why did you run out to meet us?" Jasper asked. "Alice can't really see the house, is something wrong?" 

"No, you see, we found a couple people lost in the woods. Long story short, they are demigods and they are staying with us." Edward said.

"Demi-what?" Emmett asked. "Demigods, halfbloods, sons and daughters of Greek gods and goddesses. i thought the gods died out." Alice said 

"Well its true, they are still around. Percy and Annabeth are staying with us and I ask that you treat them nicely since Esme will have your head if you don't." I said looking at Emmett.

"Ok, are they still awake? I wanna meet these demi-whatever you said." Emmett said cracking his knuckles.

"They are asleep, and will remain that way till morning. Then you can formally meet them." I growled at Emmett. 

"Fine. Fine! I won't do anything." Emmett sighed.

"Lets get back home." I smiled and we ran home

Percy's P.O.V.

After Bella had left us I turned to Annabeth. "Are you ok? Do you need anything? You can take the bed, I can grab a couple blankets and sleep on the floor." I walked over to the bed and started to grab a couple blankets but Annabeth stopped me.

"No Seaweed Brain, we can share, the bed is giant! And I am fine! I told you that a million times. Look, we should call camp tomorrow and tell them what is going on, maybe ask Nico to shadow travel over here.We may need him to find this halfblood." 

"Ok Wise Girl. I will call tomorrow." i kissed her forehead and laid down on the bed. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Seaweed Brain."


Percy's P.O.V

I woke up next to Annabeth, gods she was beautiful when she slept. She woke up "Good morning Seaweed Brain, i see you still drool in your sleep." She smiled and we walked downstairs to see 4 new vampires.

I walked forward "Hello, you must be Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. I am Perseus Jackson, Savior of Olympus, son of Poseidon, god of the seas, earthshaker, and father of horses. But please call me Percy."

Annabeth walked forward and introduced herself "I am Annabeth Minerva Chase, Architect of Olympus and daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts, and battle strategy. Nice to meet all of you."

A girl with a pixie hair cut glided forward and hugged the both of us. "Its so nice to meet you two! I am Alice, I can see into the future." A blond tall guy then walked up and wrapped his arm around Alice "I am Jasper, I can control emotions. Like so" I instantly felt calm, then excited, then calm again, for no reason whatsoever. "That's amazing!" I replied. Then a muscular guy and blonde haired girl walked up "I am Emmett, and this is Rosalie. What are your powers might I ask."

Esme glared at Emmett "You don't have too, Emmett here is a little brash."

I turned to Annabeth and nodded "No, problem. We would be happy to show you. We need the practice."

We walked out into the clearing and I uncapped Riptide.

Carslie gasped "Anaklusmos! I haven't seen that sword in ages!" 

Bella turned "What is that Carslie? It doesn't look like any metal I have ever seen."

"Its Celestial Bronze, a very rare metal used by us demigods, it is lethal to any monster or halfblood, and can even hurt the gods. It cannot hurt mortals though. But don't worry, we wouldn't dare use this against you. Opening your home to guests is very big in our culture, we would never harm our hosts." I explained "Look, I swear on the River Styx as long as we are friends we will not harm you." A loud clap of thunder sealed the deal "There, see, a promise on the Styx is very sacred, not even a god would violate it." I explained and the Cullens calmed down.

"Now, as you can see, me and Annabeth have our weapons, but our powers are a little different."

I turned to the river and concentrated, about 10 gallons of water rose up into a giant wave and I turned it into mist, a sphere of ice, then back to water. I then jumped into the river and rose up on a pedestal of water, completely dry. I hooped back onto land and smiled at the shocked vampires.

"Wow, Percy! You can control water! And you are dry! Thats so cool, any other powers?" Rensemee asked. 

"i do have the curse of Achilles if that's what you are asking." i replied, reminding myself of when I dipped in the River Styx.

"The Curse of Achilles? What exactly is that?" Bella asked. 

"Well you see, Achilles was the greatest warrior ever! He dipped in the River Styx and became almost invincible, except for one point on his body. I did the same to defeat Kronos and save Olympus." I explained.

"So you have really bad ankles?" Renesmee asked.

"No, I chose a different spot. The curse just gives me unparalleled fighting skills and almost invulnerability." 

Wow, so you can't really get hurt?" Bella asked. "Yup"

"Ok Seaweed Brain, its my turn now." Annabeth smiled and stepped forward "As you know, my mother is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. This means I am very smart and a great planner. I also got this for my 12th birthday." Annabeth pulled out her Yankees cap and turned invisible.

"What! Where did she go?" Renesmee yelled. "She. She just." 

"I'm right here! This cap was from my mother and can turn anyone wearing it invisible." Annabeth took of the cap and smiled. She walked back over to me and I pecked her on the check. "So, thats us. Anything else you would like to see or know?" I asked.

Annabeth nugged me "We should call camp, maybe send Nico up here. Also, we should ask them about our quest. Maybe they can help." 

"Good thinking my Wise Girl" I said walking over to the Cullens "We need to call our camp, if you don't mind."

"Of coarse, here use my cell phone." Edward offered. "Oh, we don't use cell phones. Its like a beacon for monsters to find demigods. We usually IM each other."

"IM? What's that?" Renesmee asked.

"Well, I can show you." I created some mist and threw a drachma from my pocket into the rainbow.

"Oh Iris, goddess of the rainbow, accept my offering, show us Chiron, Camp Half Blood."

Chiron appeared in the mist "Oh, Hello Percy! is everything alright?"

"Yes Chiron, we found some friends and we think they can help us find the demigod. Can you send Nico up here to help? We think we might need him."

"Of coarse Percy, he will shadow travel to your location in a moment."

I slashed through the rainbow and turned back to the Cullens "Ta Da! IMing or Iris Messaging"

"Amazing!" Renesmee said. 

"When you were talking to the centaur, was that the?"

"Original Chiron, the one that trained Heracles, yes." I smiled.

"What was that about Nico, i think you said, and a demigod?" Bella asked. 

"Nico di Angelo is a good friend of ours a son of Hades. i think we might need him to finish our quest. We were sent up here to investigate some strange occurrences which we found ou were you. And since the 2nd Titian War, many of the gods are upholding their promise and claiming halfbloods all over the place. We think a son or daughter of Apollo may be here. We need to bring them back to camp before its too late." 

"Of coarse, Rensemee? Have you seen anything unusual?" Bella asked. 

"Yes I have. There is this one boy, he has golden hair like the sun, always singing, and a great knack for medicine. He is talking all Health or Music classes."

"That's an Apollo kid. We need to get to him right away. Monsters could already be after him."

"We can drive you to his house. Alice can hack into the mainframe and find his address for us." Bella said "Renesmee, call Jacob and tell him to meet us there. Edward, Percy, Annabeth and I will go to his house."

"Perfect, lets go!" We all ran to Edward's car



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