Percy Jackson meets Twilight

This is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Twilight. (Beware Twihards, this is not for you!) Percy Jackson and Annabeth have saved Olympus and are now on a quest in Forks Washington to investigate some strange occurrences and take a demigod son of Apollo back to camp. To there surprise they meet the Cullens with their newest members Bella and Renesmee. But what will happen when the Volturi intervene?
This is set after The Last Olympian and Breaking Dawn.


1. Chapter 1

Bella's P.O.V.

I was walking with Renesmee back to our house after we had hunted. She wanted to walk for a while to observe some of the pretty creatures and landscape. I was thinking about her birthday in a couple of weeks when I heard a sound. I lowered into a protective crouch and looked around for the noise. I heard "Ouch! Percy! You have got us lost again!" 

'Humans?' I thought, I smelled the air and they smelled human enough but with something else. And humans didn't come this far up into the forest. I looked over at Renesmee and we ran back to the house.

"Edward, come quick we need you!" I called once we got close enough.

He was before us in a matter of moments "What's wrong? Are you ok?" 

I expanded my shield to let him know telepathically. "I will get Carlisle, maybe he will know something. We decided to head back with Carlisle and Edward. We found them again and I got a good look of the pair. Both were wearing orange T shirts with beads around their necks, they looked about 16. The boy had messy black hair and sea green eyes, the girl was blonde with stormy grey eyes. "Percy, just admit you got us lost again!" the girl complained. "I know where we are, and hey I usually discover things accidentally anyway." the boy named Percy replied. I looked at Edward and nodded. I walked out into the clearing. "Hello, my name is Bella. What are you two doing out here?"

Percy instantly reached for a pen, 'weird' I thought. But the girl stopped him from uncapping it. "Hello, my name is Annabeth Chase, this is my boyfriend Percy Jackson. And we are lost, can you please help us." 

"Sure, I will lead out back to the road. Just let me talk with my husband first."

I walked back to Edward. "Well, what are they thinking?" 

"Well at first the boy was thinking about a camp, and the girl was thinking about some new designs for Olympus. No they are discussing if it is safe." 

"Olympus, Washington?" "No, the Greek Olympus for the gods and goddesses." 

"Really, Carlisle?" I asked.

"I thought they died out ages ago, but I guess I may have been wrong, lets ask them." Carlisle replied.

We all walked back to the clearing. Percy and Annabeth turned around. "We will go with you only after you answer a couple questions." 

"We were about to ask the same, but please ask away." I replied. Wondering what exactly they would ask.

"First of all, what are you?" Percy asked. "And don;t lie, I can tell if you are telling the truth or not."

I looked at Edward "First of all, what are you?" wondering what the other smell they had that was not human. 

"Well, since you are obviously not mortal." Percy sighed "I am Perseus Jackson, savior of Olympus son of Poseidon, god of the sea, earthshaker, father of horses, etc. But you can call me Percy. Now what are you?"

I sighed "I am Bella Cullen, this is my husband Edward, and Carlisle. We are vampires." 

"Really? And you aren't sucking our blood now why?"

"We are what we call 'vegetarian' we feed on animals. And why would we hurt you?"

"Monsters have a tendency to try and kill us." Annabeth replied.

"And allow me to introduce myself, I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena."

"I thought Athena was a virgin goddess." Carlisle commented. 

"Well, you see, Athena's children are intellectual gifts. We are born from her head like she was from Zeus." Annabeth replied.

"Allow us to show you to our home. We have much to talk about." We walked back to our house and Annabeth commented "i love your house! The architecture style is simply amazing!" 

"Thank you!" Esme said. "Now, who did you bring home this time Carlisle?" 

"This is Percy and Annabeth. They were lost."

"Well come on in! You must be hungry!" Esme quickly left and brought back a tray of food.

"Please eat up." 

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen." Annabeth and Percy sat down on the couch and began eating furiously.

"Do you happen to have a fire?"

"No. Why?" I asked curiously. "We need to sacrifice to the gods. If you will excuse us." Percy and Annabeth walked outside and Annabeth started a small fire. They threw there food into the fire and Percy extinguished it by controlling the water from the river!

They walked back in and I still had a look of shock on my face "We need to sacrifice food to the gods. I can control water, because of my dad." Percy explained.  

"I am curious about you though" Annabeth said "So you don't drink human blood?"

"Yes, well everyone except Renesmee drinks animal blood. She can eat human food." Carlisle explained. "You see, Edward and Bella fell in love while Bella was still mortal. Bella conceived Renesmee and gave birth to her. She almost died in the process. Now Rensemee is a half human, half vampire breed that can blend in more than we can." I smiled remembering when Nessie was a baby.   

"Mom? Where is my..Oh! Hello, you were the people lost in the woods, right?" Nessie had walked down the stairs. "Hello Renesmee, I am Percy, this is Annabeth." Percy stood up and walked to shake Renesmee's hand. As Percy touched her hand he gasped, Annabeth jumped up, but i stopped her. "Renesmee is just showing Percy who she is. Many of us have special gifts, I am a shield and can protect myself and my family from mental attacks. Edward can read minds, Alice can see into the future, and Jasper can control emotions." Percy let go of Rensemee's hand "That was crazy! I saw almost her whole life flask before my eyes." 

Annabeth walked over and also shook Renesmee's hand as Percy walked back over to me, Edward, Carlisle, and Esme. "So who are Jasper and Alice, I heard you mention their names." 

"They are the rest of our family "Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie  are out hunting, they will be returning later tonight. You are welcome to stay as long as you like." Esme smiled 

"Thank you, I think we will take you up on your offer." Annabeth said stepping beside Percy.

Percy wrapped his arm around her and she blushed, they might be a couple, I would ask Edward later. "I will show you to our guest bedrooms, luckily we have a couple beds." "You don't sleep?" Percy asked. "Nope, except Renesmee." 

"Thank you again, we can tell you about our quest in the morning." 

I showed Annabeth and Percy to the bedroom and walked back downstairs. 

"I saw Annabeth blush when Percy wrapped his arm around her. Are they?"

"Together? Yes, they were thinking about an underwater kiss they shared a couple months ago when they became a couple."

"That's nice, they look like they have been through a lot." I commented.

"I wonder what there quest is, they didn't think about it when we were talking."

"Maybe Alice can see into their future and tell us." I said

"Maybe, but we should meet them before they walk in and disturb our guests."

"Good idea, are they close?"

"Just 30 miles out, I can hear Rosalie and Emmett fighting, again!" Edward rubbed his eyes, "lets go meet them"

"Sure thing"



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