love in the USA

this is about a girl who's name is Rachel and was friends with Niall before he was famous but when he left he broke her heart but what happens when he comes back to finish collage and doesn't remember her will Rachel tell Niall who she is and how she feels or let their relationship start all over again.
please read this is my first and I'm not afraid of bad feed back but please not to harsh.


2. walking wishing hoping you remember me


walking wishing hoping you remember me 

niall pov

As I walked down the hall I saw Rachel's face it looked angry and hurt. "I couldn't stand it so I asked "I can tell you don't like me and could you tell me why" she looked at me and I realized she looked like my childhood friend. She answered me by stony silence and a look of hurt on her face then she looked away and said we're here and opened a door to a small door.I turned to her and said "This is not a classroom its a, well just a room". "I know" she said, "This is were all new people sit to get to know the one person in all there classes and thats me you will be spending the day in here with me" she said in a sour  tone.

rachels pov

I normally love the get to know the new student policy where you get to spend a whole day in a privet room and get to know the new student and tell him or her about what happens at the school but when the new student was niall I could not be any less mad about it  .It was terrible and the worst part he doesn't even remember me. I want to tell him but he dosent care.

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