love in the USA

this is about a girl who's name is Rachel and was friends with Niall before he was famous but when he left he broke her heart but what happens when he comes back to finish collage and doesn't remember her will Rachel tell Niall who she is and how she feels or let their relationship start all over again.
please read this is my first and I'm not afraid of bad feed back but please not to harsh.


4. thinking of you

thinking of you

still Rachel's pov

As I heard the lunch bell ring I got up and told Niall to come with me. I walked into the cafeteria to get lunch and all the girls ran up to niall and tried to push me away but I grabbed nail's hand and pulled him to the cafeteria line so we could oder our food. Once we had ordered our food we walked back to the room and started to eat. 

"Do u like 1 direction" he asked me.

"No i don't  why do u care?" I asked him 

"Because well i not used to some one who didn't want to be near me" he told me.

"Well I think celebrities think there too cool to hang out with normal people so just stay out of it."

naill's pov

"So stay out of it." and Rachel had finished her thought and I asked her about the school and she told me everything. As school ended I walked her to her car then asked her who her favorite 1 direction boy was and she stormed into her car saying "I do not like 1 direction."

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