love in the USA

this is about a girl who's name is Rachel and was friends with Niall before he was famous but when he left he broke her heart but what happens when he comes back to finish collage and doesn't remember her will Rachel tell Niall who she is and how she feels or let their relationship start all over again.
please read this is my first and I'm not afraid of bad feed back but please not to harsh.


9. friends

Rachel's p.o.v

I was watching some Tv when I saw 1 direction. I hate this band, but there is nothing better on. As I kept on watching i heard Niall say I want to dedicate this song to a very special girl her name is Rachel brown. By now my mouth was a big circle. Then the started singing Gotta Be You.  When they finished I broke down in tears it was so sweet. "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever see."The interviewer said,"well thats it for one direction thank you and keep watching. 

Niall's p.o.v 

when the interview was done I picked up my phone and called Rachel's phone I had long since memorized it. "Hello" she piked up.  " I am so sorry for everything" I cried into the phone. "I was so stupid to forget you I hate that you hate me. If you give me another chance I promise you won't regret it." Niall I really miss us being friends and I forgive you, but you are going to have to  work hard to earn my trust back." she said. I let out a sigh or relief.   Ok I will see you soon I get back in two days.  I told her.  "Bye" "Bye"

Rachel's  p.o.v

I hung up with Niall and watched some TV. When it got dark I got ready to go to sleep and hoped in bed.  As I fell asleep I replayed todays events in my head. What a day.

A/N hey tell me what you think please 


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