seducted by my step-bother


3. finding out about part 2

"what do you mean your married"

"i mean your gonna have a step-mom and a step-brother that`s older than you"

"what`s his name"

"no,no,no,not him"

"why not him"

"we go to the same school and he`s annoying"

"but you haven`t got to know him yet he`s a good kid"

"no he`s not he is horrible and annoying we have all our classes together"

"have you tried to get to know him"

"no and i don`t want to "i murmured knowing he was still going to hear me

"okay but you are going to bund now since your bother and sister"

"i don`t want to bund with him because he messes with me all the time"what the HELL is he not getting out of this

"ok they`re gonna be here in 30 minutes now go clean up"my dad said

"ok"then i left

after 20 minutes of cleaning i took a shower and put on my a black polo shirt and white levi`s and my oreo Jordan`s

when i went down the three sets of stairs i seen zayn,his mother,and three sisters

"Hey I`m Kaylin,I`m John`s daughter"I said politely as i could. Zayn looked up with a suprised look and grinned at me.I just looked at his mom.He actually resembles her alot.

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