♥One Direction Imagines♥

I have been wanting to do imagines for a while and I decided to try sorry if they aren't that good I'll try my best. Comment your name, physical description, if you want it romntic, funny, ect. , what you want to happen, and what boy you want it with. If you want to add anying else go ahead sorry if I dont get to them right away but I have school I will be writting them every weekend and any days I have off from school or if I have free time. Also I dont do dirty imagines sorry but Im not good at writting them.


3. Niall- Kat

You are out with some friends. A new karaoke restaurant just opened up. You all decide to go. A couple of your friends have gone up and sang. They are trying to get you to go up but you don't really want to. You don't think your that good and are nervous. Finally after fifteen minutes of them trying you give in and go up to sing. They announce your name and you sing your favourite song. Your friends are screaming when you get back to the table.

''Wow Kat you have a really nice voice'' one of them tells you.

You haven't ever sang in front of them. After a few more compliments you all get back to eating. On your way to the bathroom you bump into someone.

''Oh I'm so sorry'' you tell the person.

''Its alright love'' the stranger tells you in an Irish accent.

Then you realize something. You are a huge directioner. You remember earlier when you checked twitter Niall tweeted that he was going out. One Direction has been in town for a couple of days. Then it all clicks you could have bumped into Niall Horan. You want to find out but he wont show his face.

''You have something on your cheek'' you say in attempt to get him to show his face.

It works.

''OMG you're Niall Horan!'' You whisper shriek as you realize you we're right.

''Ugh'' he groans.

''What?'' You ask. 

''No one was supposed to know I was here.''

''Oh well what if I pretend you weren't here.'' You say.

You want to freak out and asks for pictures and autographs but you understand Niall just wanted to come and eat and relax.

''You would do that?'' He asks. '

'Yes.'' You sigh.

''Thank you so much!'' He tells you as he hands you a backstage pass and front row ticket to their next concert.

You walk back to your table in utter shock.

*****At The Concert*****

You sit at the concert watching One Direction preform. This is perfect you think to yourself. Absolutely perfect. After the concert you run backstage and bump into someone.

''Seems we keep meeting like this. I would prefer a safer way of meeting.'' Niall groans.

''Niall!'' You scream helping him up.

''Kat.'' He screams back.

''Omg you know my name!'' You scream.

''Well I was there for your karaoke performance  You have a nice voice Kat'' he tells you as he laughs.

You blush. He takes you to meet the rest of the boys and end up hanging out with them till midnight. You get back to your house clutching Niall's number in your hand. This was the best day ever you think. Hopefully there are more. 


"I'm so glad we bumped into each other at that karaoke place I couldn't have asked for a better girlfriend" Niall tells you

A/N Hope you liked it Kat.

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